A Glowing Death Star Is the Perfect Tree-Topper for a Jedi Family Christmas

If the Jedi celebrate Christmas, that is. 


Traditionally, households place an angel — or a star — on top of the family Christmas tree during the holiday season every year. But this tree-topper isn’t a star, and it’s certainly no moon. It’s a Death Star, shining bright, and it’s the perfect way to ring in the holidays if your religious affiliation trends more toward Jedi.

And if Christmas tunes aren’t your thing either, the deadly space station plays two of the famous original trilogy’s theme songs, just in case “Deck the Halls” gets a little boring or repetitive and you want to try the “Imperial March” instead.

It’s available right now for just $99.95 on ThinkGeek, and it’s officially licensed Star Wars merchandise. Sure Star Wars’s marketing efforts are always a little bit over-the-top, but who wants the same boring star on top of the tree every year.

But here’s the catch: you might have to get in touch with the best smuggler in the galaxy to get your hands on one, because it’s currently out of stock with no ETA on resupply.

The Death Star has a remote control that can light up the whole thing blue (or red, if you want to mimic the epic explosion at the end of A New Hope).

Don't worry, the superweapon is non-functional. 


It takes three batteries, or can plug into a standard wall outlet (or string of Christmas lights), but the whole thing weighs almost a pound, so stick it on a sturdy tree. Or just hang the dang thing from the ceiling.

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