Examine Pierce's Killer Cyborg Arm Up Close in 'Logan' Photo


Hunting Wolverine, Laura, and Professor Xavier in James Mangold’s Logan is Donald Pierce, a cyborg enemy from the X-Men comics. Played by Narcos star Boyd Holbrook, Pierce has a robotic arm prosthetic that gets an up-close look on the film’s official Instagram page.

The final film to star Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, with Patrick Stewart as Xavier and Dafne Keen as Laura — destined to be X-23Logan is envisioned as a brutal, hard-R action movie that barely considers itself a comic book superhero film. Donald Pierce, a cyborg, commands a small group of mutant mercenaries called Reavers, who also have similar prosthetics and bodily alterations.

The film’s Instagram page, which has shown off black and white stills taken during production, updated it late Wednesday afternoon presenting a very close look at Pierce’s arm prosthetic with the very simple and vague caption, “Metal.” Other posts include a look at Wolverine himself and the mysterious Liberty Motel.

Taking place several years after 2014’s X-Men: Days of Future Past, mutants have been wiped out and driven to extinction while the one known as Logan, aka Wolverine, carves out a meager existence with his regenerative powers not what they once were. Xavier then asks Logan’s help to protect Laura, who holds the key to the future for mutants, from being hunted by Pierce and his Reavers.

Logan will be released March 3, 2017.

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