This Liberty Motel In 'Logan' Seems Pretty Damn Important

Fox, James Mangold, Gabriel Hardman

Director James Mangold has been releasing a steady flow of images for the upcoming Wolverine film, Logan, on his Instagram and Twitter profiles. Despite each of the photo’s stand-alone nature, one motel keeps reappearing: the Liberty Motel, and it might be Logan’s home.

Ever since the beautiful, bloody trailer for Logan first premiered, fans have been clamoring for more information about the film. What happened to the mutants? What exactly will be X-23’s role? Will Logan die? All of those questions remain unanswered, but Mangold still keeps teasing us with the appearance of this damned motel. What is it? Is it Logan’s home as some readers suggested? Is it just a really nice motel Logan longs to stay in? Did he stay there and get really bad service, so he’s trying to figure out what kind of bad Yelp score to leave? The questions only happen because we keep seeing the Liberty Motel again, and again.

It appears likely that the motel might be where Logan is living. In the Old Man Logan comics that the film borrows from, Logan and his family live in a post-apocalyptic, grubby farm.

However, because the circumstances of that farm and Logan’s family involve the use of Marvel characters Fox doesn’t have the rights to, it seems that a lot of different parts in Old Man Logan’s history have been changed, place of residence included. What’s more depressing than a motel?

Since Logan presumably doesn’t have a family he raises on a farm, a rundown motor motel is the perfect habitat for the lonely man once known as Wolverine. Will people be killed at the motel? Presumably given the fact that one storyboard featuring the Liberty Motel shows the place surrounded by cops. Wolverine has never had the best luck with not killing cops who want to arrest him.

Either way, fans want to know more about Logan and Mangold keeps giving us pictures of the motel. If that motel isn’t important in the final film, he’s going to have to answer for a lot of questions.

Logan hits theaters March 3, 2017.

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