The New International 'Rogue One' Trailer Has So Many Spoilers

Beware of new Darth Vader footage and Lyra Erso's kyber crystals.


Just when we thought there couldn’t be any new footage to see from the first standalone Star Wars movie, Rogue One, before it hits theaters on December 16, we’ve got a brand new international trailer filled with new goodies. In fact, more details about the highly anticipated blockbuster are revealed in this over-two-minute clip than ever before.

We’ve got Darth Vader looking more sinister than ever, our first look at Jyn’s mother Lyra Erso, some great footage of Mads Mikkelson’s Galen Erso confronting Director Krennic, a space battle above Scarif, and an explanation of the film’s title. And that’s only the beginning!

Here’s what’s worth looking for in the international Rogue One trailer.

Krennic Comes Calling

"Run, Jyn! Run!" <---- Bad 'Forrest Gump' joke.


We’ve seen Director Krennic and his shuttle’s approach on Jyn Erso’s home planet in the second and final American trailer. The international trailer lingers a bit longer to show Jyn’s panicked reaction to what’s coming for her dear old dad. It’s that fighting spirit that should do her well when seeking to undercut Krennic’s Death Star project years later.

Jyn gets a Kyber crystal keepsake from her mom.


Ladies and gentlemen, Mrs. Lyra Erso. Before Jyn goes into hiding, her mother gives her what looks to be a kyber crystal necklace before bidding her to “Trust the Force.” Something tells us the kyber crystals, and the power they hold, will be a major part of the new movie.

Jedha Attacked

Bye bye Jedha.


We’ve seen some planet-sized destruction in previous Rogue One trailers before, and speculated that the Force-sensitive Mecca known as Jedha was in deep trouble. This harrowing set of shots from the international trailer all but confirms it — unless this is some other desert planet. The window to get to safety is a bit tight, as the Death Star is seen partially firing its lasers at the planet, then having Jyn, Cassian, and Bodhi fleeing on foot, and then narrowly escaping in their U-wing.

Finale, Maybe?

Jyn breaks into an Imperial stronghold with the help of an X-Wing squadron.


This might be the first time we’ve seen Jyn’s combat poncho in actual movie footage. She was previously seen sporting this look in the Celebration reel, and we surmised that it took place on the same rainy planet where he father is seen emerging in his Imperial uniform, and that looks to be true.

Battle Above Scarif

A Death Star orbit battle above Scarif ... maybe?


Scarif is apparently the Imperial outpost where the actual Death Star is built. Just like the end of Return of the Jedi, the Rebels launch a ground assault, but here we get some extra footage of the Rebel X-Wing attack in the planet’s orbit around what looks like the Death Star assembly point. No word on whether will be Ewoks.

Vader Is Not Happy

Vader emerges.


This first glimpse of Vader walking through some smoke, which looks right out of The Empire Strikes Back, was in the previous trailer. Not anything exciting. But the international trailer’s other new image of Vader seems to link the smoky setting of the two.

Vader in Force-choke mode. 


Vader looks like he’s in serious Force-choke mode in this shot, which almost looks like it was shot in black and white. This means somebody gets on his bad side. Considering the guy in the first image above seems to be Krennic, does this mean this scene happens towards the end of the movie when Krennic has to answer to Vader about losing the Death Star plans to Jyn and her Rebel group? Either way, somebody gets to witness the Dark Side in Rogue One.

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