This Jyn Erso Photo Could Lead to a New 'Rogue One' Planet

Jyn's WWII-inspired poncho could lead to her father Galen and the mysterious planet of Eadu.


Fashion has always defined and decorated the Star Wars Universe, but Jyn Erso’s new outfit in Rogue One could be one of the franchise’s biggest hints yet at the standalone film’s plot.

Late Tuesday night, the Star Wars Twitter account released a new, seemingly insignificant image of Jyn Erso to mark 100 days until Rogue One hits theaters on December 16. At first glance, there’s nothing special about Jyn’s outfit, but a closer look gives us a some major hints about a central locus in the movie: the mysterious planet of Eadu.

Let’s go down the rabbit hole, shall we?

The look Jyn is sporting in the photo is unlike the Han Solo-esque vest and headscarf we’ve seen her wear throughout the teaser, trailer, and Celebration reel. But in Star Wars universe parlance, her new look almost resembles the bounty hunter Boushh from Return of the Jedi, who ended up being Princess Leia in disguise. Still, those goggles and that poncho have a distinct World War II vibe, which makes sense considering the “war film” tone that director Gareth Edwards was going for.

WWII buffs might think that the hat, poncho, and their greenish hue almost resemble the Zeltbahn camouflage worn by Nazi infantrymen, and as many Star Wars fans know, the uniforms of the Empire have always closely resembled the uniforms of Nazi Germany.

Were the 'Rogue One' costume designers inspired by these World War II uniforms?

So does this mean Jyn has gone undercover behind Imperial lines again on her mission? After all, the last image of the teaser trailer was her in what looked like a TIE Fighter pilot’s uniform.

Standard issue Rebel Alliance goggles are a dead giveaway.


It’s a good guess, but upon closer inspection, she’s wearing the same goggles as some of the other Rebels during the attack scenes on Scarif – the beach planet seen all over the trailers that was actually shot on location in the Maldives.

The wetness on her get-up means she’s rocking this outfit on Scarif too, right? Well, not exactly.

Looks just like the leap across the Death Star chasm from 'A New Hope.'


This poncho was also seen in a few millisecond-long rainy moments from the Star Wars Celebration reel showing some behind-the-scenes, blue-screen trickery. Some unseen force blows Jyn back in one, while the other shows her jumping across a chasm somewhere.

Where are those goggles when she needed them?


The damp, rainy, and dark setting doesn’t seem like Scarif, and probably isn’t the Tatooine-like Jedha. It almost looks like the exact same rainy nighttime stronghold seen in the trailer featuring Baze’s “They destroyed our home” line.

What planet is this?


So where could this be?

If we go deeper, there are more clues. Like the “100 Days” photo, the first look at the Hasbro Rogue One toys of the same Jyn outfit is also surprisingly dull and listed only as Jyn Erso (Eadu) 3.75” Action Figure with Accessory.” But did you catch it? Star Wars figures tend to indicate planet names alongside character names on the packaging to distinguish between different versions of the same character. This means that Jyn will most likely wear this commando poncho on a new planet called “Eadu”.

Behold Jyn's Eadu get-up in action figure form.


Now what’s the deal with Eadu? For some clues, well have to go to the Cassian Andor Black Series figure, also accompanied by the “Eadu” label.

Look closely for the "(Eadu)" label. 


The Cassian figure is not only sporting the same kind of hat and goggles as Jyn in the “100 days” photo, but he’s also wearing a winter coat. We’ve seen this look before in photos of him on Jedha (which was shot on location in Jordan), but why would he be trying to get all roasty-toasty in a coat on a desert planet?

Winter coat, desert climate?


It’s probably for a colder climate, and where have we seen evidence of a colder climate in Rogue One? From the same grey-skied tundra-looking planet photos of the Death Troopers standing on darkened soil.

Death Troopers on Eadu?


That’s all? Nope; it gets juicier.

So the Death Troopers are on Eadu, but why? How about the one wildcard of Rogue One so far: Galen Erso. Lucasfilm has only released one photo of the character, played by Mads Mikkelsen, so far. In it, Galen Erso is standing in front of a grey sky and darkened soil just like the one featuring the Death Troopers. It seems like a stretch, but Mikkelsen shot parts of Rogue One in Iceland, which will most likely end up being Eadu.

We've seen that tundra and grey sky before.


We’ve learned from the synopsis for the Rogue One tie-in novel Catalyst and the Rogue One international trailer that Galen helped develop the technology co-opted by the Empire and Director Krennic (Ben Mendelsohn) to build the Death Star, leading to a falling out between the two. But could Galen’s deceit in letting the Rebellion know about the Death Star lead Krennic to strand him on Eadu, forcing Jyn and her Rebel team to go looking for him?

This, admittedly, is a lot of speculation from one tweet, but the evidence is there. We have 100 days to ponder where and what Eadu is all about until Rogue One hits theaters later this year.

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