Here's a New Look at the Rebel Base on Yavin 4 in 'Rogue One'


Yavin 4 was the place from which the Rebellion launched their fateful attack on the first Death Star in A New Hope, so it looms large in the Star Wars mythos. We’ve had glimpses of its possible return in the trailers for the new standalone movie, Rogue One, but a new poster from Mexico has confirmed we’re going back to the site of the infamous Rebel base.

Fans assumed Jyn Erso was being lead through the underground bunkers of the Yavin 4 base to receive her mission to steal the Death Star plans in the original Rogue One teaser. Then we saw some great footage of the new (but also old considering the movie’s switched-up timeline) U-Wing taking off in front of some of what we thought were the the moons iconic jungle pyramids. It also bizarrely popped up in a new shaving ad for Rogue One. But we never knew for sure whether it was Yavin 4 or some other Rebel base.

This sure looks a lot like Yavin 4.GIPHY

Well, rest easy Star Wars freaks, its definitely good old Yavin 4.

Leaving on a jet-plane, from Yavin 4.GIPHY

Screenwriter Garry Whitta — who wrote early drafts of the Rogue One screenplay before finally getting a “Story By” credit on the final film — tweeted out a photo of the Mexican poster, commenting that it’s “heavy on the Yavin, confirming the Rebel strongholds appearance in the movie.

So just how much Yavin can we handle in Rogue One? Its got to be close enough for Jyn and her group of spies to launch their mission on Scarif, the Empire’s own stronghold where the Death Star is assembled. Were thinking it merely makes an appearance at the beginning of the film where Jyn starts off before leaving with Rebel ally Cassian Andor to recruit people for their mission on Jedha.

The moon base also has to be close enough for the Death Star to make its way there during the climax of A New Hope. But that begs another question, is the Death Star capable of hyperspace travel?

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