How a Rebel Trooper Prepares for Battle in 'Rogue One'


The private life of Rebellion soldiers living on the Yavin IV base have been glimpsed, but we still don’t know for sure how anyone shaves in the galaxy, far, far away.

Razor manufacturer Gillette has released a tie-in video for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story in which we are taken through a brief day in the life of a Rebel Trooper just before he squares off with some Imperial stormtroopers on the planet Scarif. Beginning as the solider is heading into battle, the video takes us backwards through all the events leading up to the moment of battle. This includes seeing this Rebel Trooper and his cohorts board a squadron of U-wings and just before they were all having a laugh in the barracks.

The end of the video shows a contemporary man from our own galaxy looking at himself in the mirror, as if to suggest the Star Wars universe is accessible through mirrors. (That’s definitely not canon!) And notably, only the man in our universe is shown to be using a Gillette razor to shave his face. This means his Rebel Trooper counterpart is still clean-shaven through unknown means.


Rogue One will probably not explain how everyone in Star Wars shaves, but this video does provide a cool and totally authentic feeling of being stationed at the Rebel base.

Watch the video here:

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