Varys's Spies Might Help Daenerys Conquer King's Landing

One of the “little birds” from Game of Thrones Season 6 is reportedly back for the next season finale, and her appearance indicates that Daenerys Targaryen will be in King’s Landing by the end of Season 7.

This latest behind-the-scenes picture from the filming of the Season 7 finale includes actress Annette Hannah. She played one of the little birds from last season, specifically the one who told Qyburn in the Season 6 episode “Oathbreaker” that she missed Lord Varys, the previous Master of Whisperers. Despite that, she still helped stab Pycelle to death.

Her arrival shows that we’ll be spending some time in King’s Landing in the season finale. Given her stated allegiance to Varys, it seems like she would welcome his return and help him out, rather than stay with Qyburn. And who is Varys helping? Why, none other than the Queen of Dragons herself. This clearly shows we could see Dany coming to challenge Queen Cersei by the end of the season, and that she might be getting some help from the inside.

Watchers on the Wall

Plus, Hannah is totally wearing a Targaryen shirt (she’s the one in the middle). Sure it’s a behind-the-scenes picture, but the actress is definitely harboring some loyalties to House Targeryen. Let’s hope that also continues on camera!

Game of Thrones is currently filming Season 7, which will be shorter than previous seasons, and there are plans for one more season before the series concludes. No confirmation when Season 7 will debut, but it will be Summer 2017 at the earliest, given the need to wait for more winter weather.

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