Deadpool Somehow Got Even Wackier as Deadpool the Duck

Marvel Comics, David Nakayama

Known crazy man Deadpool and famed misanthrope Howard the Duck will come together in a new crossover series from Marvel called Deadpool the Duck. What in the hell is that about?

Stuart Moore will be writing a brand new Deadpool crossover series where the Merc with the Mouth gets his mind trapped in the body of Marvel’s most famous, sarcastic duck alien, Howard the Duck. All the while, Howard’s mind is still in his own body. That means the two will be sharing a body, leading to all sorts of crazy misadventures.

In an interview with Marvel, Moore revealed why he thought this move to combine the two seemingly disparate characters made sense for him as a comic writer. “It seemed like a really fun idea to put them together,” Moore revealed. “I enjoyed it because I see them as probably two of Marvel’s most well-known humorous characters, but they offer completely different types of humor.”

Deadpool has been on a crossover spree as of late, most recently getting a crossover with Spider-Man, and another crossover in which he starts wearing the Venom Symbiote. The latest series continues to show Deadpool is a versatile team player who can probably team up with anyone in the Marvel universe in pursuit of comedic results.

Personally, the combination of Deadpool and Howard the Duck’s humor sounds hugely appealing. As Moore says, the two have widely different humor styles but are arguably the funniest characters in the Marvel universe (alongside Squirrel Girl). And while it’s unclear exactly how Deadpool finds himself in this situation — or how he’ll ultimately end up feeling about it — Moore is confident that Deadpool will at least enjoy the ride, “He kind of enjoys it at times, and he likes the idea of having webbed feet.”

Deadpool was the star of his own solo film from Fox in 2016, which broke records as one of the highest grossing rated-R superhero films. Meanwhile, Howard the Duck made a cinematic appearance himself in Marvel’s equally successful Guardians of the Galaxy in 2014 as a post-credits easter egg.

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