Deadpool and Spider-Man Play 'Overwatch' Together to Relax

Marvel Comics, Ed McGuinness

Spider-Man and Deadpool have been bros for a long time. Their team-up series, Spider-Man/Deadpool, plays on the fact that both heroes are chaotic goofballs. This week, readers discovered that when the two aren’t fighting bad guys or fighting each other, the two hang out and play Overwatch together.

Spider-Man and Deadpool have a long shared history in the Marvel Universe, often teaming up together for various adventures. The two often get along thanks to their mutual penchant for sarcasm, and can be considered one of Marvel’s better buddy cop duos.

The two characters began their crossover series not able to stand each other. After a couple of issues, and a few misadventures together involving double dates, strip teases, and ancient demons, Deadpool and Spider-Man became closer than ever. The only problem is, Deadpool only got close to Spider-Man because he accepted a contract from a mysterious client to assassinate Peter Parker, whom Deadpool doesn’t realize is actually Spider-Man.

Why would Deadpool willingly accept a contract to kill Peter Parker? Because he was given (fake) evidence that Parker used his company, Parker Industries, for evil. Hence the mix-up.

Unfortunately, Deadpool is actually good at his job and manages to kill Parker.

Things end up okay in the end with Parker coming back from the dead, but now the two face a new threat: themselves. Sort of. Their newest villain, Itsy Bitsy, is a hybrid of their DNA.

So it’s safe to say it’s been a stressful 10 issues for the duo, which is why it’s nice to see the two of them unwind from the roller coaster week with a nice match of Overwatch.

Unfortunately, the comic never mentions which characters either Deadpool of Spider-Man plays, but I might choose Geeky Scientist Gorilla Winston for Spider-Man, and probably Mercy for Deadpool.

While Spider-Man/Deadpool has been a great series to see two of Marvel’s most popular superheroes hang out, it’s sad to say that the two characters probably won’t meet in their film incarnations. Though who knows? With all these film companies crossing-over with one another, Ryan Reynolds and Tom Holland might just share the big screen yet.

Spider-Man/Deadpool #10 is available in comic book stores and digital retailers right now.

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