Negan Almost Killed Maggie in 'Walking Dead' Premiere


Negan and Lucille’s recent brutal murder spree in The Walking Dead could have ended so differently. Both Abraham and Glenn’s brains bit the dust (and the barbed wire), but Maggie and her unborn baby could have taken their places.

The opening episode of The Walking Dead’s seventh season was, undeniably, a gore fest. But there’s currently some leaked footage hanging around the internet of Maggie’s death at Negan’s hands instead. Now, it’s not totally unexpected that this footage would exist. The Hollywood Reporter published a story in June about the creators of The Walking Dead shooting death scenes for all 11 cast members — including Lauren Cohan’s Maggie — in order to ward off set rumors. They struggled quite a bit with people lurking around set and didn’t want anything to be given away.


But seeing Maggie, pregnant and mysteriously sick, get cracked over the head with a bat while Glenn pleads in the background is chilling. Negan’s lines remain the same — he’s baffled that Maggie, like Glenn in the actual premiere, is able to get up after the first blow. Maggie’s death (and, simultaneously, the death of her and Glenn’s child) would have sparked a different kind of public uproar than Glenn’s death did. Different, but still relevant.

In The Walking Dead comics, Maggie lives on after Glenn’s canon death to help lead her friends and family to safety/victory/whatever. We assume she’ll do something similar if she manages to live through the grief of her husband’s death and whatever was plaguing her at the end of Season 6, which seems to be some sort of pregnancy-related issue.

Here’s hoping that Maggie is able to grieve in a healthy manner so she can continue kicking ass and taking names throughout Season 7 of The Walking Dead.

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