Will M'gann Join the Legion of Super-Heroes in 'Supergirl'

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This week’s Supergirl episode was incredibly busy. It featured not one but two assassination attempts on the President (Lynda Carter), the awakening of Mon-El, and Kara Danvers learning to write clean copy. M’gann, aka Miss Martian, also made her debut in the DC TV universe played by guest star Sharon Leal. A bartender at an alien speakeasy hidden in National City, she revealed herself to J’onn who thought he could relax in his true Martian form. Together, they are the last Martians left in the universe.

It was no secret Miss Martian was going to be in Supergirl, but with her debut timed with Mon-El’s, could the Legion of Super-Heroes be on the way to this corner of the DC Universe?

Created by Geoff Johns and Tony Daniel for Teen Titans #37 in 2006, Miss Martian is named M’gann M’orzz, a White Martian who escaped civil war between Green and White Martians on (where else) Mars. When she arrived on Earth, she concealed her identity as a White Martian and joined the Teen Titans. In the popular Young Justice series that aired on Cartoon Network, she was rewritten as J’onn J’onzz’s neice.

Like Martian Manhunter, M’gann wields many of the same powers including flight, super strength, agility, telekinesis, telepathy, regenerative healing, invisibility, and most importantly, shapeshifting.

M’gann has never been a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes (Mon-El and Supergirl have), but since when has comic continuity stopped the TV shows from doing their own thing? Just look at the JSA in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

As their name suggests, the Legion of Super-Heroes are a team of superheroes from the 30th and 31st centuries, inspired by the legend of Superman to take flight. Membership is noted by a Legion Flight Ring made out of Valarium, a Thanagarian metal that endows the wearer with the ability to fly and communicate with other Legionnaires.

A Flight Ring has appeared several times, even when Supergirl was on CBS its first season. Last spring during Season 2 of The Flash, a Legion of Flight ring was shown as an Easter egg when Barry Allen, Cisco Ramon, and Harrison Wells went through a portal to a parallel Earth, named Earth-2, in the episode (aptly titled) “Welcome to Earth-2.”

The Legion of Flight Ring, in 'The Flash' Season 2.

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The ring appeared again in the Supergirl Season 1 episode “Solitude,” displayed inside Superman’s Fortress of Solitude. Seems the Legion has not only assembled but exists somewhere in the universe.

The Legion of Flight ring, in 'Supergirl' Season 1.

There’s still a long way to go before the Legion of Super-Heroes can introduce more team players to Supergirl, let alone work together. Supergirl and Mon-El only just put aside their differences, and next week’s episode is taking place in a meta-human fight club. So there’s going to be more punching before there’s teamwork. But maybe the Dominators will get things shaking with the upcoming annual crossover.

Supergirl airs Mondays on the CW.

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