The President Has an Illegal Alien Problem on 'Supergirl'

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Supergirl’s charming sophomore season continued on Monday night with a star-studded episode in more ways than one, since it featured a beloved superhero veteran actress and lots of aliens both good and evil. Two of the aliens, in particular, were very, very unexpected.

The president of the United States in the Supergirl universe (though not necessarily the broader Arrowverse) is Wonder Woman herself, Lynda Carter. The 65-year-old actress, who played Wonder Woman in the 1970s TV show, was cast as the commander-in-chief. She was coming to town to meet up with the DEO in preparation for an alien amnesty bill that would allow Earth’s extraterrestrial residents to come out of the shadows and formally join society.

Not everyone loves this plan, however. Some humans, like Kara’s first big interview subject, Lena Luthor, aren’t too keen on the idea (though the less said about Kara’s journalism career, the better). The Martian Manhunter is also hesitant, at first, but his concerns are nothing compared to the fiery alien who is trying to assassinate madam president.

Meanwhile, ace detective Maggie Sawyer is showing Alex around a dive bar to teach her that aliens are people too (or whatever), and the new Kryptonian from the season premiere finally woke up and escaped. Turns out Mon-El is a Daxamite, hailing from a planet that had a bloody rivalry with Krypton back in the day.

It was a very Men in Black kind of episode that helped remind viewers just what the DEO is there for in the first place, and highlighted the lingering difficulties that come with Kara and J’onn’s alien origins. As one would hope, Supergirl was able to prevent the president’s death, and she was able to sign the bill — but should she have?

Two major bombshells closed out the episode. First, we learned something very interesting about the president. There was a tantalizing moment where it looked like she actually was Wonder Woman, not just the actress who played her. While talking about Air Force One, she slyly referenced Wonder Woman’s invisible plane, saying, “If you think that’s cool, you should see my other jet.”

Then the camera lingered on her as she wandered off, hinting that maybe she would fly or casually touch a magic lasso. Instead, her eyes blinked the wrong way and turned blue. The president is an alien, apparently!? Man, the DEO is not great at its job.

The other big reveal was the introduction of Miss Martian, played by Sharon Leal. J’onn, it turns out, is not the only surviving Martian in the universe. She just showed up at the very end of the episode, but based on the trailer for next week’s outing, we’ll soon be learning a lot more about her, and the many other aliens hiding in Supergirl.

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