Edrio Two Tubes Is the Dark Horse of the ‘Rogue One’ Squad

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One of Hasbro’s “Rogue Friday” action figure four-packs introduces a semi-new character who could be involved in some prominent Rogue One action. It makes forking over your hard-earned cash on some sweet, sweet merchandise a little easier.

The “Jedha Revolt 4-Pack features a quintet of 3.75-inch “Black Series”-articulated figures like main Rogue One heroine Jyn Erso, an Imperial Hovertank pilot, insurgent Rebel fighter Saw Gerrera sporting what looks like a totally chill space Birkenstock on his non-robotic leg, and another dude named “Edrio Two Tubes.”

Besides a sinister-looking visage and beady eyes, ol’ Two Tubes is wearing what looks like a retrofitted Rebel fighter pilot’s breathing apparatus to inevitably help him take in a few extra breaths while fighting the Empire on Jedha. This means that some crazy battles will definitely go down on the mysterious new planet, which will most likely be where the Empire mines the natural resources used to power the brand spanking new Death Star’s superlaser.

Check out the brand new motley crew of action figures below:

The "Jedha Revolt 4-Pack"


Everything we know so far about Gerrera points to the fact that he’s been in semi-hiding on Jedha, gathering people allied with the Rebellion to be a pain in the ass to the Empire, all after some sort of debilitating injury put him in a Vader-esque suit that helps keep him alive. It’ll most likely be people like Edrio who join up with Gerrera to fight.

Edrio hasn’t appeared in any of the film’s trailers yet, as far as we know, but he did make his grand entrance to those who attended this year’s San Diego Comic-Con with a description that allies him with Forest Whitaker’s character:

We don’t think he’ll be as important as, say, Saw or Jyn, and who knows, maybe he’ll end up being Rogue One’s version of Constable Zuvio. You remember Constable Zuvio, don’t you? He’s the little critter who made his debut in the “Force Friday” toys for The Force Awakens only to be cut from the actual movie once it hit theaters.

Well have to wait and see if Edrio makes the cut when Rogue One is released on December 16.

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