The Key to Harvesting Energy Cores Like a Boss in 'ReCore'

It's a little harder than you might think.


In the new Xbox One and PC game ReCore, players take control of a colonist named Joule who must investigate why her 200-year mission to terraform a planet went awry. Legions of “Corebots” sent to aid the transformation have gone rogue, and it’s up to Joule to destroy them. One way to rid of Corebots while also benefitting is to harvest their “energy cores.” Essentially their A.I., their cores are treated in the game like souls. If you’re having trouble harvesting them at first, fret not. It’s easier than it seems.

One of the game’s design flaws is busying players with tips on the HUD all while they’re trying to figure out just how to walk and shoot guns at once. Veterans can figure it out just fine, but no matter the play experience, harvesting cores presents a minor, but also frustrating, challenge. Here’s a brief step-by-step guide to ensuring you’ll nab a core no matter what.

1) Weaken the enemy first. This is a no-brainer, but similar to Pokémon, in order to claim an enemy’s energy core you’ll have to weaken them. While fighting, be mindful of their health bar at the top. When their meter depletes past the white triangle, the Corebot should be vulnerable to harvesting. Be mindful: Many Corebots even early on in the game can quickly recharge with shields, so you’re going to need to be quick.


2) Press down on the right thumbstick. If you get an enemy’s health past the white triangle, you’ll actually see a prompt to harvest their energy core. Click down on the right thumbstick, which lets Joule release her cable to begin taking the core.

3) Play tug-o-war. Here’s what might stump a lot of new ReCore players. Once Joule attaches her cable to an enemy, they can’t just press down (“pull”) to take the core. It’s a whole new mini-game that starts.

When Joule’s cable is attached, immediately press down until the cable glows a certain color (it often corresponds to the color of the Corebot). When it glows, let go of the right thumbstick until the cable stops glowing. Immediately pull the cable again, and repeat. Depending on the level of the Corebot, Joule might take the core right then or players will have to repeat pulling and stopping.

Harvesting cores is a fun thrill in ReCore. Afterwards, cores are used to upgrade Joule’s weapons and her Corebot companions Mack, Duncan, and Seth. The higher level an enemy you harvest a core from, the more beneficial they are to give your arsenal that upgrade to kick real Corebot ass.

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