‘Stranger Things’ Might Get Awesome Funko POP! Action Figures


If you’ve been to any comic book shop or toy store, chances are you’ve seen the distinctive Funko POP! vinyl figures lining the shelves with unique versions of nearly every possible character from pop culture, but not Stranger Things — yet.

The trendy figures run the gamut from Boba Fett and Boussh, to Jon Snow, the Night King and more. And now Funko is teasing its Instagram followers with a potential new POP! figure from Netflix’s newest hit, Stranger Things.

Since everything big in pop culture gets the Funko treatment, an Eleven figure was inevitable. But the toy company is polling their fans to gauge interest via their social media accounts. The post on Instagram has nearly 30,000 likes, and thousands of comments, so chances are we’ll see this POP! figure very soon, and for good reason.

Just look at this thing below. It captures El perfectly from the shaved head, to the bloody nose, to her incessant love of Eggo waffles.

El is the perfect starting point for a Stranger Things Funko POP! Figures, and knowing just how obscure these individual lines of figures get, the possibilities are endless in this case. Our suggestions for figures: the Demogorgon, Mike’s dad, bumbling Officer Callahan, the dearly departed burger-flipping Benny, and, obviously a live Barb and dead Barb.

Dear fans of Funko, please make this happen.


Ask and ye shall receive…kind of.

Funko teased another Stranger Things POP! figure on their Instagram page. This time we have Nancy’s ill-fated bestie, Barb. It seems Funko is having a little fun showing off what will hopefully be a full-blown line of Stranger Things figures, and we’ll keep you posted if they add more.

In the meantime, here’s Barb:

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