How Many Eggos Does Eleven Eat in Netflix's 'Stranger Things'?

Because when you're the product of secret anti-Soviet MK Ultra experiments you get hungry sometimes.


Even telekinetic kids who escape their secret government captors get hungry sometimes. Very hungry, in fact.

Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), the mysterious young girl at the center of Netflix’s hit series Stranger Things, does several things very well: controls shit with her mind, accesses the Upside Down, and scarfs food like there’s no tomorrow (which, to be fair, is always a possibility for her). When she comes out of the forest, she finds herself at a diner; when she meets Mike (Finn Wolfhard), Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo), and Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin), they feed her non-stop; and when she gets her first taste of pre-packaged waffles, she makes it her mission to eat more of them.

Why, exactly, someone would love those flimsy carb cakes more than any other food — even back in the ‘80s, when the show is set, there were many better options — but hey, who knows what was done to her brain.

To honor El’s uncanny ability to wolf down any nearest piece of edible matter, here’s a look at everything she eats in Stranger Things.

French Fries

Don't choke, El!


Benny’s Burger

This is probably the last burger Benny ever made. 


Ice Cream

Where can we get a Benny's Burger t-shirt like that?


Eggo Waffles

Everybody's favorite frozen breakfast waffles...and by everybody we mean El.


Mrs. Wheeler’s Meatloaf

Thanks Mike.


Nutty Bars, Bazooka Joe Gum, Pez, Smartees, Pringles, Nilla Wafers, an Apple, a Banana, and Trail Mix

All the fuel you need to take on evil government stooges. 



The least Brenner could have done was let her drink the Coke before crushing the can with her mind.


Eggos (Again)

Nobody has ever loved Eggo waffles as much as El.


Snack Pack Chocolate Pudding (Presumably)

Before killing the Demogorgon, El definitely snuck a few bites of pudding that lunch lady Phyllis hoarded.


Eggos (Again, Wherever She Is)

Hopefully Eggos taste just as good in the Upside Down...or wherever El is.

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