The CW Says, "Nah, We've Got All the Superheroes We Need"

The CW

Despite having just bought Supergirl, and having announced the first gay superhero lead on its digital channel, CW Seed, The CW has announced that it’s just about had it with superhero television.

Network President Mark Pedowitz told the press recently, “There are no real discussions about any more superhero characters. We have built a universe where we get to see all of these characters interact with each other and we’re proud of that. But at this time, there aren’t any discussions for adding anything else to that.”

Although Pedowitz says The CW won’t launch any more superhero shows, the upcoming season of Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow will introduce a ton of minor characters into the DC televised universe, including the recently announced Miss Martian, played by Grimm actress Sharon Leal.

DC Entertainment

The Flash, on the other hand, will introduce Flashpoint, and in the midst of its time-bending new chaos will see a musical crossover episode with Supergirl. Fans have also pointed out that DC’s TV universe is now primed to incorporate some of the “Crisis On Infinite Earths” storyline from 1980s DC Comics. All of that said, DC heroes on The CW won’t lose prominence just because they’ve been solidified as a functioning unit of interconnected programs. If anything, they’re likely to grow in relevance, quality, and cultural power.

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