Apple Gave Rainbow Apple Watch Bands to Employees for Pride 2016

Limited edition bands for equality.

Getty Images / Justin Sullivan

Pride is a celebration of the LGBT community. While there has been some frankly weird co-opting of the event by large, faceless brands and corporations, it’s still nice to find support for LGBT rights at all levels of society. Apple is one of these companies. To commemorate this year’s Pride event, the company gave employees who participated in the official event a limited edition, rainbow colored Apple Watch band.

Images began circulating on social media belonging to Apple employees showing off their new bands. Several Apple employees — most of them at the San Francisco Pride Parade — took photos and shared them on Twitter, thanking the company for its support of LGBT rights.

There have been talks recently about the strange corporate tie-ins for Pride, with companies from clothing brands to foodstuff trying to cash in on what’s supposed to be a celebration of love and equality. However, seeing as though Apple didn’t put these bands up for public sale, this seems like a move on the company to show genuine appreciation for their employees who identify with the LGBT community. A Reddit user even snapped a photo of the accompanying letter sent out with the watch straps.

Apple is currently one of the largest companies in the world, and their CEO Tim Cook is a public face for LGBT rights. Apple joins companies like Facebook, Google, and Disney in their celebration of this year’s Pride event.

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