Mace Tyrell Is The Most Misunderstood Character on 'Game of Thrones' 

The most naive, least conniving character deserves his own moment in the sun after "Blood of My Blood."


Mace Tyrell — son of the Queen of Thorns, father of Loras and Margaery — is not the sharpest tool in the shed. In a family that specializes in quick wits, clever schemes, and one-liners, he’s almost quaint in his square cluelessness. He’s one of the only Game of Thrones characters who genuinely does not seem to realize what show he’s on. He and Lollys Stokeworth — remember Bronn’s short-lived fiancee, who excitedly planned their wedding and was psyched to meet her teen movie star crush, Jaime Fookin’ Lannister? — seem to think they’re on a normal courtly pseudo-medieval show where weddings are pleasant and their fellow characters play by the rules. But after his delightful (and failed) attempt to take charge in “Blood of My Blood,” it’s time Mace got the appreciation he’s long deserved.

You probably haven’t give Mace much thought, because he’s not the coolest cat or the brightest bulb. He’s not sexy or savage, he doesn’t keep you on the edge of your seat anticipating his next move, he’s not a scene-stealer. But his very squareness makes him stand out from the crowd. And the latest episode was his crowning moment.

Jaime Lannister is such a boss that, during their showdown with the High Sparrow, he wears no helmet and rides his horse up steps.

Meanwhile, Mace prances like a peacock in his gloriously absurd feathered helmet and needs a guy to help walk his horse.

See the guy on the far right? He’s like the attendant at a kid’s birthday party who guides the pony so that the kids can feel like they’re really riding it.

You’ve got to give Mace props for showing off his ineptitude with so little shame as he leads his army. Even Jaime can’t help but give him some respect for owning his identity so hard. Mace is a bit of a Polonius-eqsue windbag, but he’s also more endearing, as he’s got far less bark and bite. The very notion of him trying to control Margaery is hilarious.

Mace’s character in a nutshell can be summed up by that scene and the Season 5 scene when Cersei led the Small Council. Her sassy uncle Kevan Lannister was having none of it, but Mace calmly and quietly took her orders, genuinely believing she was a smart human ruling for the greater good. Oh, Macey.

Mace Tyrell is a rarity in both Game of Thrones and the real world. Because he’s such a hapless, pure soul, he’ll most certainly die a terrible death, but we salute him and his peacock-helmet and his horse-guide. He will go down in Game of Thrones history as one of the under-appreciated unsung not-quite-heroes.

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