The Weirdest 'Game of Thrones' Moments You've Forgotten 

The night is dark and full of terrors, but it's also full of head-scratching scenes. 

Game of Thrones has featured some truly weird scenes over the course of its five-plus seasons. For every bizarre image you remember — Catelyn Stark’s sister breast-feeding her tween son, virtually anything Littlefinger does — there are head-scratching moments that have completely escaped you, simply because the show has so many scenes. Some are amusing, others have faded for good reason. But don’t worry if you’ve forgotten them: we’re here to resurrect them just as Melisandre resurrected Jon.

Jon having a naked face

This isn’t a weird moment so much as a weird character aesthetic, but it’s one many fans have forgotten. Remember that time in the very first episode when Jon didn’t have his signature scruff? The way Game of Thrones characters look directly corresponds to their personalities, and Jon is one of the most iconic in matters of hair styling. Seeing him bare-faced, then, feels like you’re watching a different show. Is this the right channel?

#### Viserys feeling up his sister

Incest is nothing new on Game of Thrones, of course, but even within the context of the show, everyone finds Jaime and Cersei’s relationship creepy. That’s why it’s easy to forget that the very first time we meet Daenerys, her brother is feeling her up. Good riddance to Viserys Targaryen.

#### Podrick the sex god

This is a moment you might remember, because it was a highly amusing WTF: when Tyrion decides his squire needs to become a man, he endeavors to tutor him in a way that’s pure Tyrion. He gives the boy a bag of coins and sends him off with some whores. But it doesn’t play out how he planned. Podrick returns with his money, because apparently he’s so magical in the sack, the whores didn’t want it. Game of Thrones has never addressed Podrick’s apparent proficiency again; it’s a moment that exists as a weird, but charming vacuum.

That time Arya and Tywin Lannister were best friends

It’s easy to forget Arya and Tywin were once buddies, considering the fact that each spent many hours conspiring to murder the other’s family. But in Season 2, for a brief time, Tywin was downright friendly to her. He gave her food, engaged her in conversation, discussed ruling the world, told her he enjoyed her company, and laughed in delight when she said “most girls are idiots.” Still, if you said to the average fan, “Remember when Arya was friends with a Lannister?” it would take them a few moments to stop looking confused.

#### Gendry’s boat trip

Remember Gendry? Robert Baratheon’s bastard son, Arya’s best friend and ostensible future partner (please, like Arya would get married), a fairly major character we followed for three seasons straight until he fucked off in a boat and hasn’t been seen or heard from since?

His boat trip itself isn’t so odd, it’s the fact that Game of Thrones emphasized him so much and then discarded him. They could have at least given him the dignity of killing him if they were done with him. Instead, his abandoned plot line dangles as a bizarre loose thread.

#### The Hound and Sansa’s relationship

The Hound and Sansa have a fascinating relationship, but it’s not quite kosher. In the book, Sansa’s crush on The Hound is more overt with her falsely remembering a kiss between them. On the show it’s more understated but still there.

Sure, he’s older, he’s kind to her in his own way, and as someone beneath her station, he’s forbidden. He’s kind of sexy if you like your men rude and terrifying with half a face. It’s not shocking that Sansa would develop feelings for him, but it’s difficult to pinpoint if it runs both ways. And if it does, although we eagerly await The Hound’s return, it’s going to be weird. Unsurprisingly, the pairing is very popular in fan fiction.

The night is dark and full of terrors on the show and for Jon Snow — but never forget, it’s also full of weirdness.

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