Jon Snow is Dead, HBO Confirms in New 'Game of Thrones' Episode Guide

A new press release from HBO tries to put the kibosh on the ‘Jon Snow Lives��� rumors. It definitely won’t work.

Sorry, Jon Snow truthers: Your boy really is dead.

A few weeks from the sixth season premiere of HBO’s smash hit Game of Thrones, the network is putting the kibosh on the speculation surrounding the fate of fan-favorite Jon Snow (played by Kit Harrington) who, at the end of last season, found himself on the business end of a bunch of knives courtesy of his former brothers in the Night’s Watch. HBO on Thursday confirmed in a press release that Snow really is dead. In fact, the episode description for the sixth season premiere reads plainly, “Jon Snow is dead.”

Of course, that single sentence certainly temper the imaginations of fans who have spent the time since Snow’s death concocting ways that the young hero might find his way back from the grave; they’ve already been operating with a hopeful mixture of deep-dive fact checking and straight up blind speculation. This new revelation from HBO isn’t likely to change that any time soon.

While the show’s fans pray nightly for some reveal that the sword-swinging kid will return to the series, Harrington hasn’t fueled that speculation himself. When asked what he was doing on set during the production of season six, he simply explained that he was visiting as a corpse. (Again, though, who’s really buying that?)

As hard as the series tries to make fans accept the fact that one of the show’s stars (and one of the last pure characters in Westeros) is really gone, diehard fans are just going to need to set eyes on the proof before it’s accepted as canon.

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