Watch YouTube Videos With Snoop Dogg in Virtual Reality

YouTube partners with Snoop Dogg for a pretty entertaining April Fools' joke. 


Say it’s a rainy day out, all your friends and family are busy with important grown up things, and you have a day or just an afternoon to kill. Don’t fall into the trap of reading or catching up on the latest Netflix show, get high and watch 360-degree YouTube videos of Snoop Dogg watching YouTube videos.

The California rapper teamed up with Google’s streaming video service to bring SnoopaVision, which allows users to virtually sit in a theater next to Snoop Dogg and watch everyone’s favorite, short goofy videos.

Dre has beats, Jay has Tidal, Kanye has himself, and now the world has SnoopaVision,” Snoop Dogg says at the end of one of the videos.

SnoopaVision is an April Fools’ joke, but it’s also pretty solid content. As part of the prank, Google says that all videos on YouTube will eventually be available in SnoopaVision. While that’s obviously not going to happen, users can navigate the theater viewing of 10 select videos in 360 by either clicking and dragging inside of the vid on a desktop computer, tilting a smartphone around, or by watching through either Google’s cardboard VR viewer or other more sophisticated headsets.

Like a really chilled out RiffTrax viewing, Snoop just sits back, eats some munchies, and gives his best commentary on some of YouTube’s most classic hits.

In one video he sits down with Paul “Bear” Vasquez, better known as the Double Rainbow Guy, to watch the autotuned song version of that viral video. At first, Snoop seems wholly unamused by these antics, but somewhere mid-song his face shifts and he’s jamming to the song and even singing along.

“We should get T-Pain and maybe Future to sing on there,” Snoop says.

Another highly amusing watch is Snoop encouraging a kid he’s dubbed “little feet” to break a board in a Taekwondo class.

YouTube claims the SnoopaVision feature is in beta today and will reach all of YouTube videos by “1/19/2031.” (Nope.) But you can head to the YouTube Spotlight channel to check out today’s full catalogue of real and amusing SnoopVision content.

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