Snoop Dogg's Greatest Achievements in Retrotech

As made clear time and time again, rapper/actor/ Pop Warner football coach Snoop Dogg loves #tech. In his latest video for Bush single "California Roll," Snoop gets to roll out some more of his signature, stupendously Egyptian-imagery-heavy video. Some of the highlights:

Reactive Floating Billboards

Mid-vid, a woman on an interactive billboard snaps a pic of Snoop cruising, and by the time he's arrived at the next billboard, the picture that the interactive robot woman took is on display. It's kind of like a roller coaster pic mixed with an ad for Ciroc. This is Snoop's future.

Flying Cars

This is certainly not the most novel imagining on the behalf of the Doggfather, you gotta admit — that puppy is humming along silently. In my eyes this is a subtle brag that Snoop not has only figured out how to make '40s era Cadillacs fly, he's made them go electric.

Future Pyramids

For whatever reason, the grid of Los Angeles is dotted with some Illuminati-style pyramids. This looks familiar.

Zeppelins: Still Big

In the future, we're still moving around in zeppelins. Maybe there's some kind of wave of retro-futurism that happens in Snoop's timeline, which might explain the wardrobe choices in the vid. 

Anubis, Or Rather Canubis, Is Unyielding Master of All

Anubis, the Egyptian god of death — who has been renamed "Canubis" to align with Snoop's agenda — is all over this thing. From the robotic dog seating people in the movie theater ride, from the many depictions of Anubis on the side of buildings, the death god's recurring presence gives the video a sort of odd Bioshock/Sons of the Harpy vibe. Just to play it safe for myself and future generations, All Hail Canubis, Almighty DeathBringer!

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