Billie and Gene Try to Move On in the Season Finale of 'Idiotsitter'

It doesn't work out so well. 

Comedy Central/Araya Diaz

You may remember, in the pilot of Comedy Central’s Idiotsitter Billie (Charlotte Newhouse) was hired to help Gene (Jillian Bell) study for the GRE. The rowdy friendship that blossomed shifted that dynamic — between student and teacher — especially since Billie proved she’s just as idiotic as her pupil. Thursday night’s episode begins with Gene passing the GRE. If you’ve seen the first season, you know that not much studying happened, which makes Gene passing the test highly suspicious. But hey, that’s TV.

But with that goal accomplished, there’s technically no reason for Billie and Gene to hang out anymore — or at least for Billie to stay with Gene’s family. In the season finale of Idiotsitter, Billie and Gene struggle to move on as they confront their separation anxiety.

Billie is invited to give a talk about mid-16th Century weaponry at UCLA after a successful phone interview. Remember: Billie is a Harvard graduate and supposedly brilliant, even if her behavior says otherwise. Since she’s habituated to Gene’s style in the last year, she channels Gene’s spirit, and her speech takes a turn for the worst. Noticing that the class is dozing during her presentation, she heeds Gene’s advice and “Michelle Pfeiffer[s] it,” which apparently involves shouting truisms and accosting half-asleep students as “Gangster’s Paradise” plays in the background. She’s trying to befriend her students, but it’s clear that Billie is too uptight for this, which makes the whole spectacle strange and unpleasant.

Billie giving her presentation at UCLA

Comedy Central/Idiotsitter

Meanwhile, Gene gets her ankle bracelet removed after she passes the GRE. But she also learns that she has to find a job within 30 days, or her sentence will be extended. When she goes into town, she meets an ex-prisoner of war in an army store who explains to Gene that no one who wasn’t fought in a war could ever imagine what he’s been through. As brassy horns start to sound in the background, the vet condemns society, and the impulse to get a job and become a contributing member. Comparing her own experience on house arrest to the veteran’s wartime trials, Gene adopts his mindset and storms out of the army store. “I’ve served my time,” she righteously affirms as she throws the job application at the store owner and turns toward the door.

Gene storming out of the army store

Comedy Central/Idiotsitter

Back at the mansion, Gene’s dad has thrown a surprise party for Gene and Billie to celebrate the end of Gene’s sentence and Billie’s new job as a UCLA professor — which she didn’t actually get (awkward). When Billie arrives at the party, she takes her frustration out on Gene, the person who inspired her to act like an idiot in front of an auditorium of students. Gene, however, is excited to hear Billie didn’t get the job because that means she can stay at the mansion. But Billie says she would rather kill herself than spend another day with Gene. And you know Gene can play that game ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������during her speech at the party, she thanks everyone except Billie, the only person who really helped her through the past year.

Billie rolling her eyes at Gene's speech

Comedy Central/Idiotsitter

Billie climbs the house to get some fresh air on the roof, but the rest of the party misconstrues it as a suicide attempt. Over the megaphone provided by the police, Gene shouts up to Billie that she’s acting immaturely and rude because she’s scared of what her future. In an unexpected turn of events, Billie drunkenly throws her bottle at one of the officers.

Feeling suddenly protective of her best friend, Gene gets a death look in her eyes and spits in the cop’s face, calling him a pig, which gets her arrested and thrown in the back of the cop car. Next thing you know, Billie is down from the roof and in the driver’s seat of the car, and the two are on a Thelma and Louise-type getaway. The episode ends with “To Be Continued,” which means that if Idiotsitter is renewed for a second season, Gene and Billie may be on house arrest together. If the show isn’t renewed, at least the first season ended on a high and extremely idiotic note.

Billie and Gene running from the cops

Comedy Central/Idiotsitter