Zack Snyder Explains New 'Batman v Superman' Trailer in Bizarre Turkish Airlines Video

His reason for including Batman is solid. His reason for product placement isn't.

Turkish Airlines

On the same night the 88th Academy Awards distracted the world from everything else that matters, European airline Turkish Airlines posted a three-minute video to its official Twitter featuring director Zack Snyder talking about his new DC superhero movie, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The film, which will be the first time DC’s biggest-selling action figures will share the big screen, has generated skepticism for its gloomy look and dark approach in spite of its fanboy appeal. The new Turkish Airlines video isn’t going to help matters, mostly because it has Snyder pretty much touting product placement and tries to cement how much of a Superman film Batman v Superman actually is, no matter how much Warner Bros. wants it to use it to launch another Batman franchise.

First, Snyder explains why Batman is in the film at all. According to him, since Man of Steel reintroduced Superman, to flesh him out further means he could be pitted against only another hero — “a darker hero,” which meant “Batman was the perfect foil.”

It’d be great if Batman v Superman were secretly a Superman movie than it was an excuse to see Batman and Superman fight, but it’s not. Warner Bros. wants this to be the official beginning to a Batman franchise. It’s probably because of Ben Affleck’s exceptional performance as Gotham’s dark knight and the generally unfavorable response to Man of Steel, but Warner Bros. is super high on making Batman v Superman a launching pad for Batman at the center of the Justice League cinematic universe than Superman, who really should be at the center.

Second, in a horrid attempt to reason with product placement, Snyder proclaims how great it is Turkish Airlines has a presence in the film because it grounds a fantastical universe into something believable. I get it, Batman v Superman isn’t an art film — no major superhero movie ever could be — and this video itself was commissioned and posted by Turkish Airlines. But man, it just feels try-hard. I understand they couldn’t be flat-out honest (“We needed sponsorship money because our budget was ridiculous”), but it’s tough to reason when Snyder’s last Superman movie had vivid Sears and IHOP product placements that utterly distracting than making a “believable” fantasy.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters on March 25. A new clip also aired on Jimmy Kimmel Live! since Ben Affleck was a guest, if that’s your sort of thing.