SpaceX Announces New Launch Date and Time for Next Falcon 9 Mission

After two failed attempts at completing the SES-9 mission, SpaceX announced a third anticipated launch date. 


At this point, we’ve seen SpaceX’s rocket Falcon 9 crash two times in an attempt to land on a floating droneship — named “Of Course I Still Love You” — in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. In January, it almost made a smooth landing but tipped over after it landed because of a problem with one of its legs. There were plans to try this all out again on Thursday with the SES-9 mission, but the countdown was paused at mission control despite great weather conditions. Less than two minutes later, the whole thing was delayed again. There were problems in the liquid propellent loading. However, SpaceX just retweeted SES’s announcement of a new time and date for the launch: Sunday February 28, at 6:46 p.m. with a backup date of Monday.

Thursday’s launch was its second cancelled attempt at this mission. The rocket will deliver a communications satellite into orbit which will provide 20 Southeast Asian countries with broadband internet, TV, and mobile communications services. SpaceX isn’t super convinced the landing will go smoothly even this time. In a press release, it noted: “Given this mission’s unique GTO profile, a successful landing is not expected.” But hey, third time’s a charm. Right?