SpaceX Scrubs Its SES-9 Launch ... Again

We'll have to wait another day for a drone ship landing.


On Thursday evening, SpaceX scrubbed the highly anticipated SES-9 mission launch. At T-minus 1:41 the countdown clock stopped. Mission control paused the countdown, and less than two minutes later, chose to scrub the launch.

The Falcon 9 rocket set to deliver a communications satellite into orbit was “not in any significant concerns,” instead, the problem was in the liquid propellent loading.

This morning, SpaceX had predicted an 80 percent chance that they would be launching their rocket up into space. The weather was perfect:

Unfortunately, a lot of things can and do go wrong when it comes to space launches; and most of them are insanely hard to anticipate.

The worst part is, Thursday’s aborted launch was the backup. And SpaceX does not have another rescheduled date for SES-9 set up as of now. Hopefully we get a new launch date for sometime in the next couple of days, but it’s unclear when SpaceX will announce that.

This was going to be the second time SpaceX was going to attempt to land the Falcon 9 onto a floating droneship in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. They weren’t very optimistic about their chances for success.

Ah well. We hope to have better news to share with you seen. In the meantime, in celebration of scrubbed launches: