NASA Jet Propulsion Lab's New Posters Imagine Retro-Futuristic Space Travel

Just tell us where we can book tickets.

JPL/ Invisible Creature

Back in the early days of science-fiction, in the pulp-fiction and comic-book renaissance of the mid-century, it was easy to imagine humanity vacationing in far-off worlds in the distant year of 2016.

Unfortunately, we’re not quite there yet, but NASA’s Jet Propulsion Labs have imagined a world where we are, in a series of gorgeous posters for luxury destinations in our solar system and beyond.

“The Grand Tour” is a continuation of the JPL’s “Exoplanet Travel Bureau Series,” which explored five planets far beyond our solar system last year as part of a Visions of the Future campaign for the government organization. The series was designed by Invisible Creature, a Seattle-based art-design company run by Don and Ryan Clark.

Far out, man.

JPL/ Invisible Creature

Mars, of course, is one of the first posters in line. NASA loves Mars, Elon Musk loves Mars, even though he wants to nuke it, and both of them are committed to putting a person on the red planet as soon as possible.

Red planet, red poster, red everything.

JPL/ Invisible Creature

Here’s Venus, which might get a rover soon, if this Arkansas startup is successful.

Lando Calrissian not included.

JPL/ Invisible Creature

Ceres, a dwarf planet in the asteroid belt, has one of the coolest posters, which is fitting after the awesome flyover animation NASA released at the end of January.

NASA's favorite asteroid belt pit stop. 

JPL/ Invisible Creature

Check out the rest of the posters, and print or download them in high resolution, for free, right here.

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