Kanye West Is Influenced by Mary Magdalene and Has Pools, Plural

This album -- 'Waves,' 'Swish,' 'Yeezus Strikes Back,' or whatever -- is going to be some level of insane.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

This Kanye West album rollout is getting nothing short of frustrating, intermingled as it is with beefs and premature album change announcements.

Luckily, Kanye — when he goes off the cuff on Twitter or in interviews — can keep things entertaining. On an unexpected call-in interview to LA’s Real 92.3, he did a post-mortem on the flurry of recent events surrounding his music and personal life. He revealed that no album title has been determined — “We don’t have a name yet” — and that Kim Kardashian’s recent Twitter poll of album titles on his behalf was just “research.”

What was more revelatory — and ultra-Yeezyan — was his discussion of what we can expect from the album. “Ultra-light beams,” he began, before discussing the influence of religious music and, in fact, ascribing a Biblical narrative to the album. Yes, folks, SWISHWAVESSOHELPMEGOD will explore “The Gospel According to ’Ye,” and tells a “story,” exploring “this idea of Mary Magdalene becoming Mary.”

Sounds like the public’s favorite title is closest to the content of the album.

Another solid bet: gospel icon Kirk Franklin will be on the album. Kanye referred to his invaluable advice in the studio. Good for Kirk for making a minor influx into hip-hop over the past year. Singer, songwriter, and producer Teddy Riley, also mentioned in the interview, may also be on hand.

Kanye said that he had the Spirits and God on his side, resurrecting his wife’s late father and former O.J. defense lawyer to guide his way. “Robert Kardashian is making sure all the deals is getting done. He’s still doing deals with controversial black people.”

One wonders: did Kanye tune in for the American Crime Story premiere?

But here it is, the moment you’ve all been waiting for … the response to that guy from Toronto Drake’s claims of swimming pool dominance in the rap game. Don’t worry, ’Ye fans.

“I have three pools,” murmured Kanye, deadpan.

Listen to the full interview below, and prepare for the untitled Gospel According to ’Ye project, now on pre-sale on his website.