Not an April Fool’s Joke: This Xbox Toaster Stamps the Xbox Logo on Toast

Start your morning the Xbox way.

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Xbox Series S toaster prints the Xbox logo on bread in six different toast levels
Xbox / Walmart

We’re already familiar with the Xbox Mini Fridge, so now it’s time for the Xbox toaster. No, seriously.

It’s exactly what it sounds like: Xbox made a functioning toaster that’s modeled after its Series S console in white. The toaster even has that massive circular vent in the front. The Xbox Series S always resembled a toaster anyway, so we’re glad Xbox is leaning all the way into it.

As we mentioned before, this isn’t the first time Xbox delved into home appliance shenanigans. After all, the Xbox Mini Fridge was made into reality after winning a Twitter marketing competition.

It may not be as powerful as the Series S, but it gets the job done.

Xbox / Walmart

How to Win the Console Wars

Before you get disappointed, it doesn’t run any games. The Xbox Series S Toaster is a legitimate toaster that can handle two slices of bread at once thanks to its wide slot. It’s not exactly a state-of-the-art smart home appliance, but it has six levels of toastiness and a LED countdown right on the adjustable knob.

The other big draw is that your toast will pop up with the unmistakable Xbox logo branded right onto it. I’m personally curious to see how it handles something like Eggo’s mini pancakes.

Like other standard toasters out there, it has a defrost and bagel setting, a rod that helps eject the toast, and a removable crumb tray to make cleanup easier. It even has an automatic shut-off in case you have to run back to your actual Xbox before a match starts.

How else are people supposed to know you’re Xbox gang?

Xbox / Walmart

A True Gamer’s Kitchen

You can already buy the Xbox Series S Toaster online at Walmart for $39.99, as first spotted by @Wario64 on X. If you’re looking to complete the set, Xbox is still selling its Mini Fridge. However, now that we have matching appliances for both the Series S and Series X, we’re dying to find out what Xbox’s next smart home product will be. With the upcoming Series X refresh leaked as looking more cylindrical, we’re putting our money on an Xbox-themed air fryer.

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