This Cheap Mod Gives Your Switch Lite a Big OLED Upgrade

But it’s not from Nintendo.

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Nintendo Switch Lite running Splatoon 2 game

More than four years after the release of the Nintendo Switch Lite, we’re on the verge of a serious upgrade. Too bad it’s not actually from Nintendo.

Taki Udon, a content creator known for covering a ton of gaming handhelds, teased a mod for the Switch Lite that replaces its LCD screen with an OLED display. The handheld world is no stranger to mods, emulation, and other DIY ways to improve your device. However, that also likely means that Taki Udon’s Switch Lite OLED mod is not officially supported by Nintendo.

On the other hand, we would be waiting around forever for Nintendo to upgrade its Switch Lite. Its slimmed-down handheld hasn’t seen any major design changes since its release in late 2019. More recently, rumors have circulated that Nintendo could be going with a larger display for its Switch successor, but sticking with LCD instead of using OLED. (Gotta save the OLED display for a mid-cycle refresh, right?)

A Simple But Effective Mod

In some recent posts, Taki Udon says that this mod uses an aftermarket display and won’t be hard to install. Looking at the side-by-side comparison pics, the Switch Lite upgraded with an OLED display looks about the same size as the original’s 5.5-inch display. Even though the existing Switch Lite’s screen has a capable display, this OLED upgrade means a brighter display, deeper blacks, and more vivid colors. See the results for yourself.

According to Taki Udon, the mod could also allow for an HDMI output that would be capped at 720p. The Switch Lite, as you probably know, doesn’t support video out to a TV or monitor, so this is kind of a big deal! The mod may not be available yet, but it represents a smart upgrade for the Switch Lite since it offers a better quality display, but also more versatility.

Mod At Your Own Risk

Taki Udon says this mod is currently just an “early prototype” that’s not quite ready. Still, the content creator adds that the price will be based on interest and would range between $25 to $50. Either way, that’s a decent price for a solid upgrade to Nintendo’s most affordable Switch.

If and when Taki Udon’s mod is released, we have to note that any mod to a Nintendo Switch comes with certain risks. Nintendo could choose to ban your console from accessing any online services if it finds out you’ve modded your Switch Lite. As for the mod itself, that’s another story on whether or not Nintendo is okay with it.

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