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The Quest 3 Might Get a Major AI Upgrade

Meta AI could be a better way to navigate the Quest 3’s UI.

Meta Quest 3 and Ray-Ban Smart Glasses

Meta is getting in on a new AI era, and the Quest 3 may be a beneficiary. According to some code discovered by UploadVR’s data mining efforts, Meta may be preparing to include Meta AI, which was recently introduced into the Ray-Ban smart glasses, in the Quest 3.

Meta hasn’t officially confirmed its AI assistant is coming to the Quest 3, but the code shows that it’s at least exploring the option. That means Meta could be hot on the heels of Google, which recently hinted at revisiting the discontinued Google Glass with the announcement of its Project Astra concept.

The Quest 3 could borrow a newly-introduced feature on the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses.


A Better Way to Navigate Quest UI

Looking into the datamined info, Meta AI for Quest 3 would replace the Voice Commands app and better align it with the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses. Just like the smart glasses, the onboard multimodal AI should be able to tap into the Quest 3’s passthrough cameras to see what you’re seeing to better assist you. While Voice Commands are decent, they mostly covered basic tasks like checking battery percentage, starting a recording, or opening a game. A Meta AI upgrade could potentially expand on the sophistication and range of those capabilities.

Meta AI could also be a better solution to navigating the Quest 3’s clunky UI, which can sometimes less than intuitive. Meta has already acknowledged it needs to revamp its Quest UI, with the company’s CTO Andrew Bosworth noting that they’re reworking the core UI infrastructure. Until then, asking Meta’s AI assistant to find something could help us circumvent the confusing Quest 3 interface.

With Meta AI making its debut on the Ray-Ban smart glasses, the Quest 3 must be next in line.


Still Being Tested

Meta’s v66 update is still in the early access stage but is currently available to those enrolled in the Quest Public Test Channel. Since the update is in beta testing, we’re not sure when Meta plans to roll out its next update to the public. When it does, the v66 update might not even include everything detailed in the test channel version, including Meta AI.

It wouldn’t be hard for Meta to implement some of the less intensive features first, like adding a Downloads folder or allowing users to customize the virtual keyboard — which were also discovered in the code. However, since the Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses recently got the AI assistant upgrade, it doesn’t feel like we’re too far off from it being introduced to the Quest 3.

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