The Next Big Feature for Wireless Headphones: Brain Wave Tracking

These over-ear headphones can tell you when you’re the most productive.

Neurable's MW75-Neuro

Audio gear is getting more and more high-tech, but we didn’t expect a pair of wireless headphones that can track our brain activity.

Neurable, a startup dedicated to making gear that translates brain wave activity into usable info, teamed up with Master & Dynamic for its first release. The MW75-Neuro takes Master & Dynamic’s MW75 over-ear headphones and combines them with Neurable’s tech that tracks your brain waves to help you optimize your focus.

Basically, the pitch is something akin to sleep tracking for your cognitive trends, and instead of getting something like a sleep score, you get a Focus Score that identifies when you’re the most productive or when you need a break.

The MW75-Neuro will come in four colors and starts at $649.


Hacking Into Your Brain

According to Neurable, the MW75-Neuro has neural sensors integrated into the headphones to measure your brainwaves. Besides showing you when you’re at your peak focus, the MW75-Neuro also recognizes when you’re stressed or being bogged down by distractions. It even lets you know when you should be letting your brain rest and recharge.

A prototype version of the MW75-Neuro showing the interior build.


Even it this sounds like a sci-fi invention, they’re also still wireless headphones. Neurable only detailed that the MW75-neuro was built with custom 40mm Beryllium coated drivers, much like the base MW75. We’re expecting similar audio specs between the two, meaning 32 hours of playback, 28 hours with ANC on, various ANC modes, and four built-in mics.

While we’re skeptical of the MW75-Neuro’s promises, tracking your brain activity through wireless headphones seems like a natural next step for audio gear that has health features. We’re already heading in this direction as evidenced by Apple looking into its AirPods offering hearing tests and hearing aid functionality. Dyson even stepped into the audio market with a pair of wireless headphones that can filter the air you breathe.

Neurable is planning to ship the first MW75-Neuro models out in spring 2024.


Cutting Edge Tech Isn’t Cheap

The MW75-Neuro is already up for preorder on Neurable’s website. The brain-tracking headphones will come in onyx, olive, silver, and navy, all of which will come in limited quantities. While we’re not too surprised, the MW75-Neuro starts at a staggering $649.

It’s only available to U.S. and Canadian customers at the moment, but Neurable says it wants to expand to other countries next year. If you’re an early backer of the MW75-Neuro, Neurable says you could get it as early as spring 2024, with the next batch of shipments planned for summer 2024.

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