CES 2024

L’Oréal’s New Hair Dryer Uses Infrared Light to Save Your Head From Getting Scorched

No more bad hair days.

L'Oréal's AirLight Pro hairdryer that uses infrared light
CES 2024

We can always count on CES to bring us wild TVs and AI robots. But we can always appreciate something a little more practical, like a hair dryer that’s better at doing what it’s supposed to.

L’Oréal came to CES 2024 with the AirLight Pro, its professional-grade hair dryer that uses infrared light and high-speed wind to get the job done better.

It may sound like a gimmick, but L’Oréal built the AirLight Pro after the design from a startup called Zuvi, which previously released a similar hair dryer. Besides, it would be nice not to worry daily about dangerously dancing between a good hair day and a bad one with your traditional hair dryer.

L’Oréal combined infrared light with wind for a better hair dryer.


A Better Way to Dry Your Hair

Instead of the conventional heating coils that most hair dryers use, the AirLight Pro combines infrared light from tungsten-halogen bulbs and wind generated from a 17-blade high-speed motor. The AirLight Pro isn’t meant to blast your scalp with an excessive amount of heat and only wants to dry the surface water on your hair. This way, the moisture within your individual hair strands remains, keeping them hydrated.

Not only does the AirLight Pro dry your hair faster than others, L’Oréal says your hair will be 33 percent more hydrated and 59 percent visually smoother compared to just letting your hair dry naturally. Besides making your hair look great, the AirLight Pro should cut down on your electric bill. It consumes 31 percent less energy compared to other premium hair dryers, according to L’Oréal.

L’Oréal designed the AirLight Pro to work with multiple hair types and even included some nozzle attachments that are automatically recognized by the hair dryer. You can even get more customizable options when you download the companion app.

L'Oréal's AirLight Pro can be customized with attachments and app settings.


No More Overcooked Hair

If you’re sick of accidentally singeing your hair in the mornings, L’Oréal plans to launch the AirLight Pro in the U.S. and Europe under its salon professional brand, L’Oréal Professional, later this year. The company told Inverse that it’s planning to keep costs under $400. If you don’t want to wait that long, the Zuvi Halo hair dryer that the AirLight Pro is based on is still on sale for $349.

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