This 2,300-Horsepower Hybrid Megacar Can Fit Four People

Koenigsegg’s Gemera packs a maximum of 2,300 horsepower when combining electric and combustion motors.

The Koenigsegg Gemara hybrid hypercar.

The Koenigsegg Gemera may be a hybrid EV, but it’s no Prius. The Swedish carmaker revealed a better look at the production version of its Gemera megacar. While the Gemera made its debut as a concept car in 2020, Koenigsegg says it’s actually going to develop the megacar in its new Gripen Atelier manufacturing facility.

When it hits the road in 2025, the Gemera will likely hold several records for a production car with its face-melting specs of 2,300 horsepower and about 2,000 lb-ft of torque. You would think the Gemera would arrive as a two-seater with specs like those, but Koenigsegg went with a four-seater configuration. This way, you can have three passengers experience the absurd power of its hybrid megacar.

The Gemera will produce up to 2,300 horsepower.



The Gemera earns its megacar label since it produces more than a megawatt of power, which would be around 1,340 horsepower. To achieve this, Koenigsegg combined its “Dark Matter” electric motor that produces 800 horsepower and around 922 lb-ft of torque with its “Tiny Friendly Giant” twin-turbo engine that gets 600 horsepower and 442 lb-ft of torque. The Gemera can run on either just the electric motor or the engine, but you can combine them for the max performance with 1,400 horsepower and around 1,364 lb-ft of torque.

Koenigsegg is going even further and will offer a more powerful model for the Gemera that combines the electric motor with a Hot V8 twin-turbo engine that produces 1,500 horsepower and around 1,106 lb-ft of torque. Together, the Gemera gets to the max of 2,300 horsepower and around 2,000 lb-ft of torque.

Koenigsegg wants as many people as possible to experience the Gemera’s insane performance.



The Gemera’s numbers easily beat out Lamborghini’s Revuelto hybrid supercar and would make it one of the most powerful production cars out there. Koenigsegg didn’t reveal the Gemera’s top speed or its 0 to 60 mph numbers yet, but we can expect these specs closer to when production starts.

Koenigsegg says it will start production on its hybrid megacar at the end of 2024, aiming to start customer deliveries in the first half of 2025. While there are no pricing details yet, Koenigsegg will produce only 300 of its Gemera, meaning it will likely carry a fitting starting price.

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