12 Limited-Edition Zelda Consoles That Will Give You Serious FOMO

If you can’t snag a Switch Lite Hyrule Edition this September, maybe one of these other Zelda-themed Nintendo consoles might.

Limited edition Zelda-themed Nintendo consoles on display
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The Legend of Zelda franchise has survived the test of time and only seems to be getting better. While it’s no Tears of the Kingdom, Nintendo is expanding the series in a refreshing direction with The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom, which finally makes Zelda the main playable character.

To go along with the game’s release on September 24, Nintendo is releasing a Zelda-themed Switch Lite Hyrule Edition that will no doubt sell out instantly and become a highly sought-after collectible. It’s not the first time Nintendo’s released a Zelda-themed game system. Collectors beware; we’re not responsible for any sudden additions to your eBay cart.

1. Switch Lite Hyrule Edition (2024)

The Switch Lite Hyrule Edition will be available in September, along with Echoes of Wisdom’s release.


Let’s start with the newly announced Switch Lite in the classic gold that’s emblazoned with the Triforce below the right joystick and the Hylian Crest on the backside. It’s simple and classy. With the Switch Lite likely on its way out, Nintendo will be able to send it off with a bang.

2. Switch OLED Tears of the Kingdom Edition (2023)

You’ll find swirly Hylian graphics on the dock, the Joy-Cons, and the back of the console itself.


Unlike some tamer Switch designs, Nintendo didn’t skimp on the details with this Switch OLED model released in April 2023. The Joy-Cons are filled with symbols you see in Tears of the Kingdom, along with a big Hylian Crest right in the middle of the dock.

3. 2DS XL Hylian Shield (2018)

This 2DS XL might not be as protective as an actual Hylian shield.


Nintendo’s Zelda-themed consoles often use gold, so it’s nice to see a switch to the classic blue and silver look of the Hylian shield that Link uses. This 2DS XL was originally bundled with A Link Between Worlds backs in July 2018, but good luck finding an unopened model.

4. 2DS Ocarina of Time 3D Edition (2017)

A simple Link-themed color swap gets the job done with this 2DS.


This limited edition 2DS may not be as exciting as the others on this list, but the combo of green and yellow is an instant reminder of Link. Modeled after Link in Ocarina of Time 3D, even the brown stylus matches our hero’s accessories.

5. 3DS XL Link Between Worlds Edition (2013)

The bottom of this 3DS XL has a Triforce in black.


Nintendo went with a classic gold color update and a yinyang-esque Triforce that stretches onto both sides of its 3DS XL to match the A Link Between Worlds game it was bundled with.

6. 3DS XL Majora’s Mask (2015)

No other Zelda imagery can conjure up as much nostalgia as Majora’s Mask.


Even though this would be more fitting on the N64, we’ll take any Majora’s Mask branding on a Nintendo console. With such a rare design, this Majora’s Mask 3D 3DS XL is one of the more sought-after models on this list.

7. 3DS XL Hyrule Edition (2016)

The Hylian Crest has a lot more intricacies than you think.


This is the most detailed Hylian Crest we’ve seen on any Nintendo console, next to the one on the Switch OLED that’s partially obscured. This limited edition 3DS doesn’t come bundled with any games, but coincided with the release of Hyrule Warriors: Legends.

8. 3DS Zelda 25th Anniversary (2011)

A tasteful tribute to 25 years of a fantastic franchise.

RetroRay1 / Reddit

Nintendo saved an incredibly ornate design for this unique 3DS that celebrates the 25th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda franchise. Besides coming with the Ocarina of Time 3D, this sleek 3DS has a small Hylian Crest as the centerpiece of its layout.

9. DS Lite Phantom Hourglass Edition — Gold (2007)

This gold version isn’t as exciting as the silver counterpart we saw overseas.


Sticking with the classic Triforce gold, this Nintendo DS Lite variation was made available in North America and was released in a bundle with Phantom Hourglass. It’s a lot more understated than its overseas sibling, with just a little Triforce in the corner.

10. DS Lite Phantom Hourglass Edition — Silver (2007)

This artwork with Link and Navi adds some personality to this DS Lite.

Console Variations

Across the Atlantic, Nintendo released a variation of the DS Lite for Phantom Hourglass that was only available in the U.K. Instead of gold, this DS Lite was dressed in silver and had far more detailed imagery on the handheld’s cover.

11. Wii U The Wind Waker Edition (2013)

Never forget the Wii U.


I’m sure Nintendo wants to forget all about the Wii U, but doing so would be a disservice to this beautiful Wii U that was made for The Wind Waker HD. The console may not look that good, but the whimsical Zelda-inspired patterns around the chunky gamepad almost save it.

12. Game Boy Advance SP Minish Cap Edition (2004)

A tastefully simple reskin of the Game Boy Advance SP.

RetroGeek Toys

One of the oldest Zelda-themed Nintendo consoles comes in arguably the best handheld form factor. Bundled with The Minish Cap, this special GBA SP sports a gold paint job and has a simple Triforce on backside.

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