8 Weird But Useful Model Y and Model 3 Accessories You Need to Know

Customize your Tesla EV with everything from a mini-fridge to a mattress.


Take one look at the Model 3 and Model Y subreddits and you’ll find no shortage of requests asking for the must-have accessories for their Tesla-made EV. The go-to answer remains the same: screen protector and floor mats.

Despite those boring answers, there’s a whole world — from desks to fridges — of more interesting accessories, including products from third parties and Tesla itself. Here are eight surprisingly handy accessories that we found to level up your Model 3 or Model Y.

1. Air Mattress

The Model Y’s air mattress gives you a better way to car camp.


Officially from Tesla, this Air Mattress for the Model Y was made to fit exactly over the folded-down rear seats and the trunk. The high-density foam mattress comes with an air pump so you’re only ever a few minutes away from a quick nap or decent night’s rest.

2. Alset Tray

This tray lets you eat in your car without making a complete mess.

Ennova Tools

Along with a better way to sleep in your Model Y, here’s a more civilized way to eat in your Tesla. The Alset Tray anchors into the center console and gives you enough room to act as a makeshift dining table. Even if you’re not using it to eat, the tray doubles as storage space with its non-slip surface.

3. DeskWedge

This simple slab of wood transforms your Tesla into a mobile office.


It may be called a laptop, but it’s not comfortable actually working off your lap while sitting in your Tesla. DeskWedge gives us a more elegant and ergonomic solution by slotting into the steering wheel for a platform to place our laptops on.

4. USB Hub With RGB Lighting

The perfect way to keep all your new accessories charged up.


If you feel limited with the two USB-C ports on older versions of the Model 3, Topfit’s USB Hub solves this issue with a subtle way to add some USB-A ports to the center console, along with an RGB light strip that syncs to the audio in your Tesla.

5. Gaming Controller

Jowua’s wireless controller transforms your Tesla into a mobile LAN party.


Instead of being stuck with boring games that use touchscreen controls, Jowua’s wireless controller was made for Tesla EVs and opens up more interactive games like Cuphead or Stardew Valley. The wireless, lightweight design means you can just tuck it away in the center console storage when you’re ready to hit the road again.

6. HUD Projector

Tesla may not like HUDs, but that doesn’t mean you can’t install your own.


With the Tesla’s minimalist interiors, you’re stuck glancing over to the center touchscreen if you want to consult the GPS or change the music. However, if you prefer keeping your eyes on the road in front of you, Hudway’s HUD projector gives you a futuristic-feeling way to do that without being an eyesore.

7. Hidden Storage Box

Everybody loves a hidden compartment.


The Model Y and the older version of the Model 3 came with an empty space underneath its center console. To make the most out of it, Spigen’s hidden storage box fits right into that void and gives us a discreet place to tuck away our valuables or emergency funds.

8. Trunk Fridge

The Trunk Fridge can drop its temps down to -22°C.


Whether you’re out camping or just grabbing groceries, this space-saving accessory from Hansshow fits everything you need to keep cold into a 35-liter capacity cooler underneath the trunk of a Model Y. It acts as a fridge or a freezer, and you can control it with a companion app.

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