The Best Controller Grip for iPhones Just Got a Major Upgrade

But it’s only for iPhones with Lightning ports.

Backbone One - Lightning (2nd gen)

No more taking your iPhone in and out of the case when you want to use the Backbone One. Backbone has just released its second-generation game controller for iPhones that still have Lightning ports, adopting the same magnetic adapter design that’s already available on its USB-C model.

You can still use the Backbone One with a caseless iPhone with the Lightning port, but now you can quickly swap out the default magnetic adapters with smaller ones that can fit most iPhone cases. Even though Apple finally adopted USB-C with its iPhone 15 models, Backbone knows that not everyone rushes to upgrade to the latest iPhone as soon as it comes out. This second-gen Backbone One is for all you Apple users still on older iPhones.

The magnetic adapters snap into place to fit your iPhone, with or without a case.


Improved D-Pad and Ergonomics

Since people loved the design of the first-gen Backbone, the company didn’t try to reinvent the wheel with its updated Lightning lineup. You still get the asymmetrical joystick layout, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and passthrough charging. Don’t worry about the updated Backbone One draining your iPhone’s battery either since it uses less than one percent of charge for every hour you’re gaming. Backbone even kept the screenshot button that makes it easier to record gameplay or capture screenshots.

Along with the magnetic adapters that get you gaming quicker, the refreshed Lightning Backbone One controllers have the same upgrades that the USB-C model offers. That means we get an improved ergonomic design and a better D-pad.

The updated Backbone One with Lightning ports still comes in both standard black and PlayStation white.


No Price Changes

The second-gen Lightning Backbone One controllers are currently available on its website with the same starting price of $99.99. That’s the same price as the first-gen model, but Backbone is offering a 30 percent discount to upgrade with no trade-in required if you’re a Backbone+ subscriber.

Backbone is sticking to the same colorways where the standard model is available just in black, while the white colorway features PlayStation’s button scheme instead of the classic ABXY buttons. Backbone is also offering three free months of Apple Arcade when you buy any of its controllers.

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