October 2023

The Superhero Issue

Celebrating Unsung Heroes: Iman Vellani Introduces the 2023 Superhero Issue

Inverse's 2023 Superhero Issue, guest edited by Iman Vellani, celebrates the unsung heroes of our favorite stories — in the pages of comics, behind the camera, and everywhere in between. Read the Ms. Marvel star’s letter from the editor here and dive into the full issue below.

ByIman Vellani

How A New Generation of Music Composers Changed Superhero Movies Forever

In the last decade, the sound of superhero movies became more atmospheric, more eclectic, and more punk rock. Here’s why.


Stories From the Superhero TV Trenches

Director Rachel Talalay on the past, present, and future of the industry she helped build.


Why Do Superheroes Wear Spandex?

The rise, fall, and return of the super-stretchy material.

The Inverse Interview
Iman Vellani and Sabir Pirzada Share Their Favorite Ms. Marvel Memories

The co-writers of Ms. Marvel: The New Mutant swap stories of their favorite superhero stories and how they first learned their comic’s big twist.

by Iman Vellani
Marvel Comics
The Inverse Interview

The Black-Owned Comic House Fusing Westeros With Wakanda

“I started creating this world to do what I think everyone wants: see themselves reflected,” Stranger Comics founder and president Sebastian A. Jones tells Inverse.


“The World Always Needs Champions.” A History of Marvel’s Most Daring Superhero Team

Inverse caught up with the original editor and writers of Champions to tell the definitive story of this brash teenage team-up.

Up, Up and Away

“Alien From Another Planet.” Why Nicolas Cage Was Born to Play Superman

A brief history of Nic Cage’s lifelong obsession with the Man of Steel.