Small Business Salutes


"Work bubbles" may be an effective way to fight Covid-19 — Study

Get in the bubble.

Nimble by Inverse

Study of 3,000 consumers proves why negative reviews are good for business

What happens when people read trash reviews might just surprise you.


12 tips to stave off boredom while running a business

“Your business will always be exciting, if you let it be.”


How to avoid laying off the top talent at your company, the scientifc way

Outdated, non-strategic termination practices are hurting some companies try to stay afloat.



Black Lives Matter

7 games by Black developers you can support right now

Support black voices in gaming.

Go with the flow

Take a break from pandemic stress and meditate with the Monterey Bay Aquarium

“The tide still comes and goes, the jellies keep on drifting, and the fish keep swimming.”

Mona Lisa Smile

A.I. Gahaku turns your selfie into an oil painting masterwork

AI Gahaku promises to create a "masterpiece" from a user's photo, and it's causing a storm.


1 cheap, zany Switch game available now is a perfect quarantine distraction

Nintendo held an Indie World presentation on March 17 to announced that Enter the Gungeon was released.

dig it

Shovel Knight: Pocket Dungeon trailer takes the indie icon to new depths

Yacht Club Games has revealed the next game in the Shovel Knight franchise: a puzzle game called Shovel Knight: Pocket Dungeon.


'Arise: A Simple Story's time travel mechanic showcases the beauty of life


'Afterparty' review: A boozy, snarky underworld romp with a few hiccups

All you need to do to escape Hell is outdrink the devil himself. Easy peasy, right?