Small Business Salutes

We are shining a spotlight on some of the millions of small businesses now challenged by COVID-19. This is part of an ongoing commitment our parent company, Bustle Digital Group, is making to support small businesses throughout the entire month of May. Tell us about your favorite small business on social media using #SmallBusinessSalutes.

SmartHalo CEO Xavier Peich Is Building the People's Bike Computer
Nick Lucchesi
He's the one you don't see coming.
'Arise: A Simple Story's time travel mechanic showcases the beauty of life
Corey Plante
Once you dig in, there's nothing simple about this story.
New scientific analysis of downsizing shows smart companies still make a dumb mistake
Stephen J. Bronner
Outdated, non-strategic termination practices are hurting some companies try to stay afloat.
Nick Lucchesi
Nimble: Every executive talks about it. Here’s how to be about it. Strategy guides, C-Suite interviews, digestible reports on the latest scientific research for high-performing businesses, and essential stories about enterprising leaders, from Inverse.
Black Lives Matter
7 video games by Black developers you can support right now
Just Lunning
Support black voices in gaming.
Go with the flow
The Monterey Bay Aquarium dives into something new: meditation
Sarah Sloat
“The tide still comes and goes, the jellies keep on drifting, and the fish keep swimming.”
Mona Lisa Smile
AI Gahaku turns your selfie into an oil painting masterwork
Mike Brown
AI Gahaku promises to create a "masterpiece" from a user's photo, and it's causing a storm.
'Exit the Gungeon' for Nintendo Switch is a perfect quarantine distraction
Tomas Franzese
Nintendo held an Indie World presentation on March 17 to announced that Enter the Gungeon was released.
dig it
'Shovel Knight: Pocket Dungeon' trailer takes the indie icon to new depths
Tomas Franzese
Yacht Club Games has revealed the next game in the Shovel Knight franchise: a puzzle game called Shovel Knight: Pocket Dungeon.
'Afterparty' review: A boozy, snarky underworld romp with a few hiccups
Jen Glennon
All you need to do to escape Hell is outdrink the devil himself. Easy peasy, right?
Bicycling in 2025 Will Be Different in Two Big Ways
Xavier Peich and CEO of SmartHalo
We're seeing a mix of technological and political development now that is shaping the future of cycling.
Tesla Batteries Power This 500-Year-Old Cheese Farm in the UK
Mike Brown
Night or day, a farm in the UK is making carbon-neutral cheddar.
Atlanta Teens Behind notOK "Panic Button" App Take on Georgia Legislature
Yasmin Tayag
"Now I'm not just living for more than myself. Now I have to keep on living."
Meghana Bollimpalli: Arkansas Teen Helps Create Low-Cost Supercapacitor
Peter Hess
"If the product that you’re making or designing isn’t cheap, nobody’s going to use it."
Forget the Apple Watch, an Incredible Teen DIY'ed His Own Wearable for $20
Danny Paez
And it has a handful of Apple Watch features, too.
A Teen's New App Reduces Awkward Bathroom Encounters and Promotes Health
Peter Hess
“In a sense, tapping on the stall next to you has always been there."
Why New York's Elmhurst Dairy Farms Says Future of Milk is Plant-Based
Gabriela Barkho
No grain, nut, or seed is off-limits for "milk."
In Cyber Monday Letter, 240 Businesses Call Net Neutrality Rollback a Disaster
Grace Lisa Scott
Say goodbye to online shopping as you know it.
The Creator of This Gorgeous Game Doesn't Even Know How to Code
Corey Plante
The maker of 'The First Tree' wants you to know that you can do the same.
"Bloodstained" Is an Old School Game: Koji Igarashi Interview
Eric Francisco
Koji Igarashi also shares his thoughts on the Netflix anime.