45 Home Products Skyrocketing in Sales on Amazon That Are Smart as Hell

Clever solutions that make your home cleaner, cozier, and more convenient.

Written by Veronika Kero
45 Home Products Skyrocketing in Sales on Amazon That Are Smart as Hell
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Making your home easier to care for and more enjoyable to be live in just got easier, and these popular gadgets and gizmos on this list are going viral on Amazon with skyrocketing sales and lots of five-star reviews testifying to their quality and usefulness. From a space-saving roll-up drying rack that doubles as a trivet to an insecticide-free fly catcher that blends in with your decor, these items have earned a cult following because they offer clever solutions and convenient features — and they start at just $8.


These extendable drawer dividers with anti-scratch pads

These drawer dividers will make having a messy junk drawer a thing of the past. They can be extended from 17.5 to 22 inches so that they can fit in various types of drawers. Each in this pack of four is made of water-resistant bamboo and has rubber pads on either end so as not to scratch surfaces.


A roll-up drying rack that can support up to 33 pounds

If you want to keep your counters free of clutter, use this roll-up drying rack to stack your wet dishes, as a heat-resistant trivet, or even to rinse your veggies. It’s made of stainless steel rods that have silicone tips to keep the entire tool secure underneath your faucet. It’s there when you want it and can be easily rolled up and slid inside a drawer when you don’t.


A rechargeable electric lighter that even works in the wind

Whether you want to light your candles or get the grill started, this flameless electric lighter will make it easier to do so. It’s weather resistant and even works in wind, so you won’t have a problem using it no matter the conditions. It’s USB rechargeable in less than an hour.


This cordless power scrubber that comes with batteries

This power scrubber comes with everything you need (including batteries) and has a head that oscillates 60 times per second to get every corner and crevice of your home clean in a flash without the elbow grease. It’s cordless and has an ergonomic grip so that you’re comfortable as you work on brightening your grout lines.


These solar garden lights with a 4.5-star overall rating

This two-pack of solar garden lights is made of soft and flexible wires, so they’ll sway in the wind, making your backyard or patio look like it’s mobbed with fireflies. Just plant them in the ground and enjoy a soft glow all night long — no wires or outlets necessary. A four- and six-pack is also available in the listing.


These popular microfiber towel balls that can pass as decor

The absorbent fibers of this pair of towel balls will dry your hands quicker than regular towels, and they’re stylish enough to double as decor. Plus, they come with adhesive hangers. Choose from three color options in the listing. One shopper wrote, “These funky microfiber string towels dry between my fingers without effort. The microfiber is not uncomfortable to my skin like microfiber cleaning cloths. These have replaced hand towels in my kitchen and bathrooms.”


A pack of fillable brush pens that keep house paint fresh for up to 7 years

This set of five paint pens makes it a breeze to hide scuffs, scratches, and more without pulling out an entire paint can. They come with syringes so you can fill them with ease. They keep paint fresh for up to seven years.


This 25-pack of disposable hair catchers that stay put

Simply place one of the 25 adhesive disposable hair catchers in this set on your drains to keep hair and buildup from reaching your pipes. Once they’re full (about three weeks), peel them off and throw them away. And since they’re adhesive, they’re even able to stop bugs from popping out of your drain.


A nonslip water bottle rack that can hold 15 pounds

Instead reaching all the way in the back of your cabinet for the tumbler you want (and inevitably knocking over everything that’s in the way), keep them on this water bottle rack with nonslip feet. It can hold up to 15 pounds and the placement of the top shelf can be adjusted to fit bottles of various sizes. The listing includes a wider version and a three-tier version.


This jar opener that can be installed 2 ways

The next time you can’t get a large jar of pickles or a small nail polish bottle open, you’ll be glad that you added this jar opener to your cart. It comes with both an adhesive cover and screws so you can install it any way you’d like. One shopper wrote, “This makes opening cans, jars and bottles so easy and fast, even if your hands are strong.”


These adhesive LED lights that can be put on a timer

It takes just seconds to install these LED light panels that come with double-sided tape so you can illuminate any area without detracting from decor — they’re only 1 inch tall. You can tap to turn them on or use the wireless remote to turn them on and off, control their brightness, and set them on a timer of 15, 30, 60, or 120 minutes.


This 13-ounce soap dispenser that keeps counters clean

This soap dispenser is a two-in-one tool: The top tray acts as a sponge holder and when you press down, the 13-ounce container releases the perfect amount of soap right into the sponge. Plus, it has a nonslip base to keep it steady on your counter. Choose from gray or silver trim in the listing.


A flexible jar scraper with a 4.7-star overall rating

Before tossing an “empty” jar of jam or sauce, make sure you get every last drop out with this silicone jar scraper. It’s 8.35 inches long to reach the bottom of even larger jars and is flexible enough to easily scrape the walls of any jar or bottle. It’s dishwasher safe and has earned an impressive 4.7-star overall rating on Amazon.


A pair of expandable magnetic vent deflectors to redirect airflow

Use this pair of vent deflectors to redirect the airflow of any awkwardly placed air vents for optimal air circulation in your home. They have a magnetic hold to stay in place and expand from 10 to 15 inches long to fit a variety of vents. “WOW, ice cold air was redirected to much more needed areas. [...] These are a simple design, magnets were strong, they snapped right to the metal ceiling air ducts, completely adjustable, no problem, working in seconds after they came out of the box,” wrote one fan.


A garbage guard that protects against pests for 4 months

By filling your pail with an odor-free vapor, this garbage guard is able to eliminate both visible and hiding insects, including flies, roaches, beetles, and more. It adheres to the side of the can so it won’t get in your way when emptying. “I purchased the Terro Garbage Guard for a 50 gallon trash can that holds my dogs waste and other backyard trimmings. [...] The adhesive is great and tough. [...] It makes cleaning the [can] and disposing the waste so much easier without bugs flying in your face or seeing things crawling around,” wrote one reviewer.


An extendable ceiling fan duster with a washable head

Made of thousands of fluffy fibers, this ceiling fan duster attracts and traps dust to quickly clean any surface — high or low. The handle extends from 27 to 47 inches, and the head can be washed and reused again and again.


These popular stove gap covers that cost $5 each

If you find yourself struggling to reach every last crumb that’s fallen on the floor, pop in this pair of stove gap covers to keep the mess from happening in the first place. It’s made of heat-resistant silicone that comes in three colors in the listing to match your kitchen. They comes in four lengths and can also be trimmed for a custom fit. Over 39,000 reviewers have given them a five-star review.


An anti-fatigue mat that comes in a ton of colors & sizes

Made of dense foam that’s three quarters of an inch thick, this anti-fatigue mat will cushion your feet and relieves pressure on your lower back, knees, and joints so that you’re comfortable at your stand-up desk or washing dishes. Plus, it has a nonslip bottom that won’t curl or slide around. Choose from lots of colors and several sizes in the listing to fit any decor.


This dryer vent cleaner reviewers call a “game changer”

Use this dryer vent cleaner to vacuum the lint buildup in your machine to improve efficiency and lower your energy bill. All you have to do is attach it to your vacuum and let the 3.5-foot hose do the rest. “It fits perfectly on my vacuum & in my dryer vent chute. It has the proper amount of suction to extract the lint that is caked into the vent. This is a game-changer,” wrote one fan.


A pack of biodegradable dishcloths that replace 150 rolls of paper towels

Instead of running through rolls of paper towels, make sure your kitchen is equipped with these reusable dishcloths. Each one in this pack of ten takes the place of 15 rolls and can be washed up to 100 times. They can be used dry to scrub stains or wet to wipe down tables and dishes, and they’re safe to use on wood, marble, glass, tile, stainless steel, and more.


A space-saving tool mount that holds up to 35 pounds

To free up floor space and make your brooms and brushes easier to find, set up this weatherproof tool mount on the wall of your garage, basement, or in a closet. It has five strong clamps and six hooks that can hold a total of 35 pounds. The rubber-gripped handle holders are spring loaded to keep everything firmly in place, and it also comes in three other colors in the listing.


An insecticide-free indoor bug trap with 60,000+ 5-star reviews

Using a UV light, glue cards, and a powerful fan, this indoor insect trap attracts and eliminates fruit flies, mosquitos, gnats, and other small bugs. The bugs are all hidden within and it’s available in black or white in the listing to blend with your decor.


These rug corner grippers that can be used indoors & out

To keep rugs from ending up askew or their corners from curling and becoming a trip hazard, stick this four-pack rug corner grippers onto any rug in your home — even the ones outside. The weatherproof adhesive keeps them flat on hardwood, tile, stone, or carpet.


An LED light strip that reduces eye strain with 15 colors & 10 brightness levels

Reduce eye strain from your TV or computer screen with this USB-powered LED light strip. It’s available in several lengths in the listing to fit screens ranging from 24 to 59 inches. The strip is self-adhesive, can bend around corners, and can be trimmed to fit. It has 15 colors you can change it to, 10 brightness levels, and three fade modes.


This 6-pack of nearly invisible wall protectors

To keep handles from damaging your paint or drywall, take just a few seconds to install these wall protectors. They come in a pack of six and have an adhesive back that can stick just about anywhere. Although they’re nearly invisible, they absorb shock well and also reduce noise. They are available in two sizes in the listing.


A best-selling grout pen that covers 150 feet

Your tiles will look as good as new after using this grout pen. Its precise applicator can cover up to 150 feet, and the bright white result is permanent and waterproof. It’s available with a narrow and wide tip in the listing.


An easy-to-install bidet attachment with adjustable pressure

For a cleaner feel every time you leave the bathroom and to save money on toilet paper, try this bidet attachment. It allows you to adjust the pressure and angle, and it’s easy to install yourself without an electric outlet or additional water line.


This motion-activated light strip with a 50,000-hour life span

After detecting movement within 10 feet, this motion-activated light strip will automatically turn on and turn back off after the number of seconds that you have selected. The 6.56-foot-long strip can be trimmed to fit any area. One shopper wrote, “I installed this on my front door entry stairway and it worked flawlessly! Bright enough for it's purpose and the best part is the fact that, if it's already bright enough (natural sunlight) the sensor will not turn the light on. Really great quality!”


These wall-mounted hangers that can hold 22 pounds each

If you need some extra storage space for clothing but don’t have the space for a full rod, try these iron wall-mounted clothes hangers. They swing out when needed and can be swung flush with the wall when not in use. They’re available in matte black and white in the listing to blend with your decor. Each one in this pack of two can hold up to 22 pounds.


A pumice stone bathroom cleaning tool with a 3-foot handle

Use this pumice stone cleaner to get rid of water rings and other stains. It uses dense pumice stone to buff out any imperfections without scratching the tile or porcelain below. And because its handle is 3 feet long, you’ll be able to reach deep inside the toilet or other spots that are hard to get to.


These roomy under-bed storage bags for less than $7 each

You’ll be able to fit lots of extra clothes, blankets, and shoes in these roomy under-bed storage containers. They’ll keep everything free of dust and feature a breathable fabric and secure zipper. And since the clear plastic cover fully opens on three sides, it’s easy to access your belongings when needed.


A 2-pack of storage straps that can hold up to 50 pounds

To keep cords, hoses, and ropes from spreading out all over your garage, loop them around these storage straps that have a convenient top handle for carrying and storing. The set comes with two straps and they are made of heavy-duty nylon that can hold up to 50 pounds with ease.


Some mosquito-repellent sticks that last for 3 hours

This 12-pack of mosquito-repellent sticks is made with citronella, lemongrass, and rosemary essential oils that deter insects for up to three hours at a time. Use them when camping or during your next backyard barbecue. “I live on a very wooded lot and typically mosquitoes are a huge issue. I hired a company to spray and these actually work better. I have reordered 3 times and have not yet spent what I spent for the yard to be sprayed,” wrote one reviewer.


This dishwasher-safe strainer that fits nearly any pot, pan, or bowl

Thanks to its two strong clamps and nonskid material, this silicone strainer can sit securely in any pot or pan so that you can drain water without having to transfer your food to another vessel. The flexible material is heat resistant up to 440 degrees Fahrenheit and has a nonstick finish. Plus, it’s dishwasher-safe.


A lint remover with over 113,000 5-star reviews

This lint remover collects hair, fur, and lint without snagging the fabric of the upholstery or clothing that you’re using it on. You won’t have to deal with messy sticky pads; just roll it back and forth a few times, and when done, press the button on the back to empty the chamber into the trash.


This organizer that can hold up to 20 pounds

Your aluminum foil and plastic wrap will no longer be hard to find with this box organizer. It snaps together in one minute without the need for any tools, the top two shelves can be adjusted, and the unit features nonslip feet on the bottom to keep it in place in your cabinet. It’s available in several sizes in the listing depending on your needs.


A power strip tower with a retractable cord and 14 outlets

With 10 three-prong outlets and four USB ports, you can fit all of your lamps and devices into this power strip tower. It’s made of fireproof material that will automatically turn off when a surge is detected. You can even retract the cord at the base to minimize clutter.


This 2-pack of produce savers that make fruits & veggies last 3 times longer

While this produce saver seems like magic, it actually works by absorbing the ethylene gas that fruits and vegetables naturally emit, extending their lifespan. Each of the packets lasts for up to three months and can make your produce last up to three times longer than usual.


This 9-month supply of garbage disposal cleaning tabs

Use just one of the deodorizer tablets in this pack of nine every month to keep your drains free of clogs and deodorized. Once placed inside, they foam up to fight through built-up food, grease, and residue. “Better deal than popular name brand and smells better. Works well, foams, deodorizes. Like that they come individually wrapped in plastic pouch,” wrote one shopper.


A telescoping magnetic pickup tool with a 4.7-star overall rating

Instead of spending hours searching for a tiny bolt that disappeared on the floor, find it in seconds with this magnetic pickup tool. You’ll be able to get back to work in no time after using its bright LED light and directing its gooseneck in any direction needed. It even extends to up to 22 inches long so you can search under cars and cabinets.


This wall-mountable battery organizer with a built-in tester

Your junk drawer will be free of loose batteries once you place your collection in this battery organizer. It can hold 93 pieces, ranging from AAAs to flats. Plus, it comes with a tester so that you don’t end up holding on to any that aren’t good anymore. Slide it into a drawer or mount it on the wall for convenience.


A 5-cup stainless steel grease container with a strainer

Before getting rid of that flavorful fat, consider keeping it in this grease container so you can use it later. It even has a built-in strainer to separate out particles so it’s ready for your next recipe. It holds up to five cups and can be cleaned in the dishwasher.


This silicone utensil rest that doubles as a steam releaser

Apart from its adorable crab design, this silicone utensil rest will do much more than keep you amused while stirring. It can be secured to the side of a pot or pan so that your spoon, ladle, or spatula won’t drip all over your counters while you let your food simmer. It’s dishwasher safe and can also be used as a steam releaser by holding pot and pan lids ajar.


A digital meat thermometer that works in just 2 seconds

This digital meat thermometer will take the guesswork out of grilling and cooking. Use it to get your steaks to just the right level of doneness or to make sure milk is the right temperature to bake with. It takes just two seconds to give you a reading on the backlit LCD screen. It also features a bottle opener on one end.


A leakproof 2-quart pitcher with a silicone seal for freshness

To serve juice or cocktail mix to your guests, put this 2-quart glass pitcher on the table. It’s easy to pour from thanks to its ergonomic handle and no-drip spout. The silicone seal around the lid not only prevents spills but also keeps the beverage fresh. A 1-quart version is also available in the listing.

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