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Food science

How to make scientifically perfect ice cream

It's all about balancing the equation.

Fuel up

Eating before or after a workout depends on one lifestyle factor

It's often confusing to know when exactly it's best to eat.


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Leg Day Observer

Why cheating on your diet could be exactly what you need

Holiday eating doesn't have to be a source of anxiety.

Inverse Daily

What could make the humble caterpillar go blind with rage? Getting hungry

When food is scarce, the monarch butterfly caterpillar gets ugly.

Food Fight

Hangry caterpillars fight, Hunger Games style

When food becomes scarce, the monarch butterfly caterpillar gets...angry.

The Abstract Podcast

Brain food: The surprising new links between nutrition and health

In this episode, we discuss how what we eat and drink can keep our brains sane and our bodies running optimally.

Eat this, not that

The optimal diet for longevity comes down to this critical factor

When it comes to macronutrients "people need to get away from ‘unidimensional’ thinking."

Viral spread

An epidemiologist's guide to safe holiday meals during coronavirus

Here's what you should know before making your holiday plans.

move aside

Your takeout is getting a green upgrade

Say goodbye to plastic waste.


Scientists want to use your pee to save the environment

Welcome to the future.


How yeast makes bread bubbly and delicious