4 hours ago
The science of grilling with smoke: Learn from my mistakes
Madeline Muzzi
A renowned molecular gastronomy chef shows you how. 🔥
2.19.2020 9:15 PM
2 beers and a little science can make a slammable chicken
Madeline Muzzi
Beer can enhance food in two ways: The alcohol's chemical abilities and the flavor — pilsner, in my case — can elevate your dish.
1.8.2020 9:29 PM
Yesterday’s lunch could become tomorrow’s hydrogen fuel, scientists say
Thor Benson
One of America's biggest sources of trash could become clean energy
2.19.2020 11:04 PM
The science of cooking with beer
Madeline Muzzi
Cooking with beer is tricky, but if you follow a few basic scientific laws, it can be a tasty exercise.
Mind and Body
1.6.2020 2:04 PM
Detox science: How to boost the body's natural detoxification system
Sarah Sloat
Skip a "detox diet" and follow study-backed advice.
Mind and Body
1.7.2020 10:41 PM
Is sparkling water bad for you? 2 things you probably didn't know
Nicola Innes and Suzanne Zaremba
Let's get into it.
Mind and Body
1.15.2020 7:04 PM
Sugar alters the brain similarly to one of most addictive drugs on Earth
Emma Betuel
A new study in pigs suggests our affinity for sugar may go beyond a simple craving. 
Mind and Body
1.12.2020 12:03 PM
5 actionable tips to drastically improve your gut health
Connie Rogers and Darrell Cockburn
Don't ignore those gut feelings.
Mind and Body
1.22.2020 1:00 PM
3 supplements that boost the brain more than others
Ali Pattillo
Research provides a roadmap to the wild, wild, west of the supplement industry
1.22.2020 7:21 PM
This is the most efficient way to make coffee, according to math
Nina Pullano
This is coffee taken to a new level.
Data Viz
2.23.2020 2:00 PM
U.S. map shows which cities have the worst obesity rates
John Rennie Short
Modern U.S. cities were designed to make exercise unnecessary.
Pleased to meat you
2.23.2020 12:27 AM
U.S. meat eaters should consider this study before their next grocery run
Laura Brown and Kelly Rose
People who indulge in steak may want to take a break.
Eat then don't
2.22.2020 6:00 AM
Here’s the skinny on fasting for weight loss – the 5:2 diet
Surinder Baines
The 5:2 diet allows you to eat as usual for five days and to fast for two days.
Yo-yo uh oh
2.21.2020 7:37 PM
Fruit-fly study reveals the "hidden costs" of intermittent fasting
Ali Pattillo
Yo-yo dieting takes an unexpected toll on health, a new study suggests.
Greek to me
2.21.2020 5:30 PM
The Mediterranean diet has these 4 mental and physical health benefits — study
Paul O'Toole
It causes microbiome changes linked to improvements in four key areas.
Grow wheat every day
2.20.2020 9:30 PM
Climate change threatens crops. A.I. could help save them.
Thor Benson
A new kind of A.I. could help us increase agricultural yields.
Pancakes please
2.19.2020 6:30 PM
Loading up during this one meal could boost weight loss, study suggests
Ali Pattillo
The scientific debate over breakfast continues.
Eat like the Greeks
2.19.2020 2:45 PM
Eating one type of food can hijack gut microbes to ward off aging's deadliest diseases
Ali Pattillo
A single diet switch could benefit both your body and mind — and help extend a healthy life.
2.17.2020 3:30 PM
Did these scientists just create the first lab-grown human breastmilk? Meet the two women trying it
Joshua Peters
Meet the two women recreating mother nature’s baby formula.
Start fresh
2.17.2020 1:00 PM
Where to recycle plastic bags near you? Your guide based on where you live
Nina Pullano
These ubiquitous plastics can not go in your bin a home. But recycling them is not impossible.