Tesla's New Update Has a Flashy Easter Egg

by Monica Hunter-Hart
Photo via Twitter / user @josh_heffner

Tesla easter eggs have made vehicle owners into astronauts of sorts, and now the latest one will transform them into artists. On Wednesday, March 29, Tesla released its 8.1 software update: the least exciting parts are Autopilot and user interface improvements; the flashiest part is a sketchpad that’s accessible from the media control unit (MCU).

Elon Musk cryptically tweeted about this Easter egg, instructing owners to tap the “T” on their MCUs three times for a surprise.

It didn’t take long for Tesla owners to pounce. One posted a video on Twitter showing how the sketchpad feature works:

Oh Elon, you sly dog.

Vehicle owners can hit “publish” on their drawings, at which point a message pops up that asks, “Are you sure you want Tesla to critique your artistic masterpiece?” Presumably, all the artwork will be sent back to Tesla headquarters and saved. Actually, that’s pretty much guaranteed, as Musk tweeted some of the artwork he’d received:

Maybe Musk needs some artistic inspiration to keep him going during the long nights he spends in a sleeping bag at the Tesla factory.

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