Jon O'Brien

Jon O'Brien is a freelance entertainment writer from North West England who covers movie history for Inverse. He's written about film and television for Esquire, Billboard, Vulture, New Scientist, i-D, The Guardian, and Paste. He's also a soccer enthusiast, garage drummer, Icelandophile, and carrot cake connoisseur.


25 years ago, Bruce Willis made the most divisive sci-fi movie ever

Whether you think it’s one of the best sci-fi movies ever or one of the worst, you’re never going to forget it.


20 years ago, the Friday the 13th franchise succumbed to a pervasive sci-fi cliché

When there’s nowhere left for a franchise to go, it goes to space.


Moonshot HBO Max review: Cole Sprouse’s trip to Mars never takes off

The new sci-fi romantic comedy stars Lana Condor and Cole Sprouse.


20 years ago, Aaliyah made a cult classic that almost ruined vampire movies forever

Vastly inferior to Interview with the Vampire before it, this clunky sequel isn't without its strange charms


5 years ago, Resident Evil made the most uninspiring post-apocalypse movie ever

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is undeniably a Resident Evil movie.


25 years ago, this Alien knockoff spawned a monstrous sci-fi trend

This forgotten '90s sci-fi thriller has aged surprisingly well.

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How 'The Island of Dr. Moreau' became the most notorious film shoot of the ’90s

25 years later, let’s revisit the troubled production of the 1996 H.G. Wells adaptation.

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How Stephen King made one of the worst sci-fi movies of all time

The horror writer’s first (and last) stint in the director’s chair was doomed from the start.

"Kill her mommy"

How Friday the 13th Part 2 accidentally created horror’s biggest franchise ever

It wasn’t supposed to be a sequel at all, but it launched an unkillable series.

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The most confusing Philip K. Dick movie ever is also the most faithful

"We heard the screaming, then they got very quiet. Nothing except the smell of death."


How a '90s sci-fi comedy became one of the worst movies ever made

Dumb and dumberer (Stephen Baldwin and Pauly Shore) star in one of the worst movies ever made.

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How a 2001 techno-thriller predicted Bill Gates conspiracy theories

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How a master of sci-fi horror made Transformers before Michael Bay

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You need to watch this twisted new time loop movie ASAP

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