Ian Carlos Campbell

Ian Carlos Campbell was an Associate Editor at Inverse, working with the Gear team. He writes on VR, AR, and mobile technology, including reviews for flagship smartphones like Google’s Pixel 7 Pro and cutting-edge VR headsets like Meta’s Quest Pro.

Previously, Ian was an Associate Editor at Input writing reviews and editing guides, and before that, he was embedded with The Verge’s news team as part of the inaugural class of Vox Media’s fellowship program. Ian received a BA in Screenwriting from Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts.

His other passions include: obsessively keeping up with the latest film and TV releases, playing and thinking critically about video games, and spending an unfortunate amount of time on Twitter.


Foldables Are Almost Perfect. Now They Need to Get a Lot Cheaper.

2023 was the first year with multiple great folding phones (outside of Asia), but why are they still so expensive?


Microsoft’s Surface Devices Desperately Need a Reboot ASAP

2023 was a pretty lackluster year for Surface hardware — and the whole Windows ecosystem suffered as a result.


One Year Later, We’re Still Figuring Out What To Do With ChatGPT

Is OpenAI’s ChatGPT a search engine replacement, second brain, or speculative asset?


Why Humane’s Ai Pin Is Not a Smartphone Replacement

Humane’s Ai Pin is an exciting stab at a different kind of mobile computer, but it really doesn’t seem like it’ll replace the one in your pocket already.


Can Haptic Feedback Make Apps Fun Again?

Smartphones and other computers have had powerful vibration motors for years, but we’ve neglected to use them as a tool to immerse us in what we’re doing.


The iPad Needs More Apple Pencil and Less Laptop

The iPad will never be a laptop, so why not focus on making it the best tablet with a stylus?


Why Sonos Should Just Make a TV

The speaker maker appears to have its eyes set on personal audio, but home theaters are due for a reimagining.


3D Movies Failed. Apple Vision Pro Will Bring Them Back.

Whether professionally made or shot with an iPhone 15 Pro, 3D videos and movies are set to return from the dead... again.


How Nostalgia and In-App Purchase Fatigue Are Making the Game Boy Big Again

Nintendo’s classic handhelds are enjoying a huge renaissance without the company’s help.


16 Years Ago, the First Kindle Introduced One Killer Feature That Changed How We Read

Being able to download books anywhere turned text into an impulse buy.


The Best (and Worst) Thing About Humane’s AI Pin Is Its Lack of Apps

Humane's wearable imagines a world where artificial intelligence connects you to the services and experiences you need, not apps.


I Touched the Ai Pin, Humane's Ambitious Attempt at Replacing Your Phone

Is Humane’s AI-equipped and screen-free wearable really the next big thing?


A Perfect Storm of 3 Tech Breakthroughs Is Making Windows PCs Exciting Again

Apple might be kicking butt and taking names with M-series chips, but Windows PCs are poised to have a very interesting 2024.


The Only Generative AI I Want Is One Trained On My Personal Life

Services like Google's NotebookLM and Fabric are building AI experiences around analyzing your links, files, and personal notes.

Mixed Reality

Smartwatches Are the Key to Making Mixed Reality Click

With dozens of sensors and a dedicated place on your body, wearables are ready to be the controller for your mixed-reality headset.


After Three Updates, Amazon's Kindle Scribe Is Now Worth Buying

Amazon’s addressed almost everything that was missing with software updates.

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Apple Is Rethinking the Smartwatch with WatchOS 10

It’s all about widgets.


Apple’s Vision Pro Headset Is a Wild Stab at the Future of Computing

The company is betting a lot on some virtual reality goggles.


Apple’s iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 Bring Your iPhone and iPad Closer Together

New tablet and smartphone features that bring Apple's software ecosystem even closer together.


LG's New TV Is So Portable It's a Briefcase

The screen on the LG StandbyME Go even rotates for TikToks.