Ian Carlos Campbell

Ian Carlos Campbell is an Associate Editor at Inverse. If it's tech that you wear, carry with you, or that makes you move, he’s reviewing it and thinking about it, from smartphones to VR headsets.

Ian previously worked with Input as a part-time reviews writer, and before that, was embedded with The Verge’s news team as part of the inaugural class of Vox Media’s fellowship program. When he’s not lamenting “the metaverse,” Ian enjoys thinking critically about video games, watching movies and tv shows, and petting his dog Peggy.

Gift Guides 2022

9 ways to make your Quest 2 more "pro" without spending $1,500

From head straps to charging docks, here are the best accessories to buy to make your Quest 2 work more like the Quest Pro.


Niantic's new AR demo inches us closer to real-life Pokémon

Niantic and Qualcomm paired a demo of an "outdoor AR headset" with a new custom chip.


Logitech G Cloud review: Xbox Game Pass on the go has one big problem

A dedicated game-streaming handheld that’s also an Android tablet should be fine, right?

Gift Guides 2022

Steam Deck starter kit: The 5 first accessories to buy

From protective cases to cheap microSD card storage, these are the best accessories to upgrade the Steam Deck.


Google’s new photo search feature wants to serve you food — and probably ads

By combining photos and text in the same search, Google can find the exact dish you're looking for. But will you actually use it?

The Brains

Qualcomm's new Snapdragon chip brings PC-level graphics to smartphone games

The Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 supports Wi-Fi 7, has improved AI performance, and has dedicated AI camera processors for improved smartphone photography.


This VR device builds on one of Nintendo’s weirdest Switch accessories

Launching on Kicktstarter today, the Pimax Portal is an ambitious new gaming handheld with a 4K screen, and several interesting dock and headset accessories.


How to sync all your iCloud Photos to Windows 11’s Photos app

Thanks to a new iCloud app for Windows, getting photos, files and more from your iPhone to Windows 11 is easy.


The Orion made me wish for a giant Nintendo Switch

After giving my Switch an 11.6-inch display with the Up-Switch Orion, I think it’s time Nintendo goes extra large.

New Normal

Netflix's master plan for streaming looks eerily similar to cable TV

Netflix made its name giving you ad-free movies and TV whenever you wanted, but now it's strategy looks a lot different.

If You Die in the Game...

Why the Oculus Rift inventor made a VR headset that can kill you

Oculus inventor, Palmer Luckey, created a modified Quest Pro that can kill you if you die in a VR game.

First look

Meta Quest Pro —in pictures

We just got Meta’s $1,500 “pro” VR/AR headset in for testing. Let’s see what the hardware is like.


Echo Dot with Clock (2022) review: The best starter smart speaker

Amazon’s new Echo Dot with Clock isn’t the perfect Wi-Fi extender, but it does make me wonder why anybody would buy a normal Echo at this point.


You can now watch Netflix with ads, but not on the Apple TV

Watching 720p Netflix with ads on one of the best streaming boxes would suck, anyway.


Amazon Kindle (2022) review: Basic is all you need

Who needs the pricier Kindle Paperwhite when Amazon’s new entry-level Kindle e-reader is nearly just as good?


Surface Pro 9 review: Still the best 2-in-1 laptop replacement

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 9 didn’t get an overhaul for its 10 year anniversary, but that’s because it’s practically a perfect 2-in-1.


5 essential features the perfect smart glasses should have

After using smart glasses from Ray-Ban, Amazon, Soundcore, and Razer, I’ve narrowed down what works and what doesn’t.


Ray-Ban Stories review: Now this is how you make smart glasses

Meta's first smart glasses have Ray-Ban looks, open-ear speakers, two cameras, and easy access to Instagram.


Razer Anzu review: You don't need smart glasses for gaming

Razer's $199 Anzu smart glasses look like Ray-Bans and promise the lowest latency audio for gaming, but our testing reveals there are better alternatives.


iOS 16.1 fixes one of Apple's worst design decisions

After bungling how iPhones display their battery percentage in iOS 16, Apple fixes the UI mistake in iOS 16.1.