44 Genius Solutions To Your Stupid Problems Around The House

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I'm a science fiction fan, and we’re living in the 21st century. I was always led to expect that by now there would be robots or androids available to handle all the stupid problems around the house, so we humans could focus on picking out space suits, mastering techno-babble, and learning to pilot our flying cars.

But here we are, still struggling with issues like mosquitoes in the bedroom, drafts underneath the door, rotting produce, and sock drawers in chaos. It's all good, though. I don't think I want to live in a universe where there is no shopping — and shopping is what makes it possible to solve all of those conflicts. So, after boldly going where no AI can, I found 45 solutions to different household issues — and they're all on Amazon.

Nothing on this list is too expensive, but all of it is necessary if you want to prepare meals with ease, organize your closet, create a comfier WFH environment, and live a life free of mundane hassles and irritations. Trust me: You probably need these things — and once you get them, you'll be wondering how you have been getting along without them until now.

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