SpaceX's spacesuits will revolutionize space travel

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Two NASA astronauts just splashed back down to Earth after spending 2 months aboard the International Space Station.

NASA/Bill Ingalls

And they did it while wearing SpaceX’s specially designed spacesuits.

SpaceX wants to revolutionize space travel with its snappy suits.


NASA’s future commercial crew will each have their own custom-designed suits to ensure a perfect fit.

NASA/Kim Shiflett

The suits offer cooling, communications, hearing protection, and flame resistance with the outer layer.


When the suit is plugged into the seat it provides air for cooling, gas, and avionics for communications.


These suits could be adjusted in the future, for missions to the Moon or even Mars, as SpaceX engineers learn more.


Benji Reed, director of crew mission management at SpaceX, told Inverse in May 2020 that "we'll be taking what we learned from these suits and getting the data from it and applying that for future missions."


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