JoAnna Wendel

JoAnna Wendel is a science cartoonist, writer, and illustrator. She is a card story editor for Inverse.
Covid safe
5 tips for staying Covid-safe this winter
JoAnna Wendel
If you're gathering for holidays, follow these guidelines.
3 experiments that prove Einstein’s theory of relativity
JoAnna Wendel
Over and over again, nature confirms Einstein's revolutionary theory of relativity
Dino bones reveal T.Rex’s awkward teen phase
JoAnna Wendel
Even tyrant lizards have growth spurts.
Now you see me...
This plant literally evolved to avoid humans
JoAnna Wendel
Can you spot it in this picture?
You're a star
5 things you didn't know about the lives of stars
JoAnna Wendel
How much do you know about the life and death of stars?
Earth can’t escape this one type of pollution
JoAnna Wendel
From the top of the highest mountains to the bottom of the ocean, microplastics have taken over Earth.
Ancient humans
Who were the Denisovans?
JoAnna Wendel
Fossils from these ancient humans are scarce, but we're starting to learn more.
Colors on the brain
Mind-reading scientists know what colors you see
JoAnna Wendel
Color perception creates unique patterns of activity in the brain
Tree rings reveal ancient supernovae
JoAnna Wendel
A scientist found evidence of a supernova in the tree-ring record.
Robot Selfies
Take a break, enjoy some Curiosity selfies
JoAnna Wendel
NASA's Curiosity rover is exploring Mars and takin' selfies.
Climate Crisis
Greeland’s sea level problem is rising -- study
JoAnna Wendel
A new paper suggests that Greenland's glaciers could contribute more to sea level rise than previously thought.
Feeling SAD
These 5 facts will change how you see SAD
JoAnna Wendel
Seasonal Affective Disorder is no joke.
Coral Reefs
Otherworldly images reveal coral skeleton-building
JoAnna Wendel
The new images show that temperature, not acidification, is a coral reef's biggest threat, scientists say.
Asteroid Impacts
New atlas shows off Earth's impact craters
JoAnna Wendel
Take a journey around the world to witness ancient destruction.
Galaxy brain
New images reveal weird galaxies
JoAnna Wendel
240 million lightyears away, the Perseus Galaxy cluster is full of new discoveries to be made.
How this ancient plant took over the world
JoAnna Wendel
Moss is everywhere. How did it do that??
Black Holes
3 reasons why Black Holes are terrifying
JoAnna Wendel
These mysterious objects just might be the scariest things in the universe.
Penguin problems
Scientists say these penguins are actually 4 different species
JoAnna Wendel
See if you can tell the difference between these 4 species of penguin.
Can you ace this exoplanet quiz?
JoAnna Wendel
Test your knowledge about the planets outside our solar system.
Feral wallabies are bouncing around Britain
JoAnna Wendel
In the last decade, there have been at least 95 sightings of these kangaroo-like marsupials.