JoAnna Wendel

JoAnna Wendel is a science cartoonist, writer, and illustrator. She is a card story editor for Inverse.

To survive Mars, Silicon Valley’s favorite car tech will guide Perseverance
JoAnna Wendel
Self driving technology
7 spectacular SpaceX moments in 2020
JoAnna Wendel
It's been a big year for Elon Musk.
Dope Space Pics
20 Stunning Space Images of 2020
JoAnna Wendel
It's been a big year for space. Let's take a walk down memory lane.
Spiders in Space
Space spiders build webs in an unusual way
JoAnna Wendel
Scientists on Earth watched for hours as spiders on the International Space Station built their webs.
7 archaeological discoveries that rewrote history in 2020
JoAnna Wendel
Scientists dug up a lot of cool history this year.
If aliens exist, here's how we'll find them
JoAnna Wendel
Take a tour of the cosmos with the scientists searching for ET.
SpaceX SN8: Photos show an epic launch ... and fiery end
JoAnna Wendel
SpaceX's latest Starship prototype had nearly 7 glorious minutes of flight time.
Moonward Bound
6 ways NASA's Artemis III will revolutionize lunar science
JoAnna Wendel
Studying the Moon from its surface will help us better understand the solar system and universe.
Test your weightlifting knowledge with 5 questions
JoAnna Wendel
How much do you know about the science of weightligting?
4 animal “scientists” helping us map the ocean
JoAnna Wendel
Sometimes when the ocean is too deep or too remote, humans need a little help from nature.
Scientists capture most detailed image of sunspot ever
JoAnna Wendel
This new detailed image shines a light on the mysteries of sunspots.
3 animals that evolved to laugh
JoAnna Wendel
Humans aren't the only animals who laugh.
look up!
5 celestial events that only happen once in a lifetime
JoAnna Wendel
There's plenty to see in the night sky every year, but some celestial events are truly once-in-a-lifetime
Space Volcanoes
Five facts you might not know about the solar system's volcanoes
JoAnna Wendel
Test your knowledge with this 5-question quiz.
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Octopuses are the most flexible animal — study
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arm and a leg
5 animals that can regrow limbs
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Humans in Space
5 weird things space does to the human body
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