JoAnna Wendel

JoAnna Wendel is a science cartoonist, writer, and illustrator. She is a card story editor for Inverse.
Pigeons use unexpected super sense to find home
JoAnna Wendel
Scientists create a map of smells to study how pigeons navigate over long distances.
Which plant-based milk is best for the environment?
JoAnna Wendel
Soy? Almond? Oat? All have environmental impacts, but some more than others.
This quiz is about nightmares, but it won’t be one
JoAnna Wendel
How much do you know about the psychology of nightmares?
Top 5 Snake Myths Debunked
JoAnna Wendel
Brought to you by Banana, the corn snake.
Spooky Season
How to calm those post-scary-movie jitters
JoAnna Wendel
Tips for surviving your Halloween horror movie marathon.
Stunning images reveal stellar nurseries
JoAnna Wendel
NASA's Hubble telescope shines a light into the farthest reaches of the universe.
Which “milk” is healthiest? Science explains
JoAnna Wendel
Here's how to navigate the world of endless milk alternatives.
Here kitty kitty
Science explains: How to actually befriend a cat
JoAnna Wendel
Cats can be aloof, but this trick can help you build a solid feline-human relationship.
Fear Quiz
How much do you know about the science of fear?
JoAnna Wendel
Welcome to spooky season.
Get off the couch
6 ways that exercise improves your brain
JoAnna Wendel
Moderate-to-high intensity exercise a couple times a week can bring life-long benefits.
Meet nature's real-life shapeshifting superheroes
JoAnna Wendel
What if humans could do it, too?
Why AOC says “Fracking is bad, actually.”
JoAnna Wendel
Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez responds to comments on fossil fuels during the VP debate.
Pandemic dreams create a “shared mindscape”
JoAnna Wendel
You're not the only one who's been having weird dreams lately.
Dogs don't care about 1 part of the body as much you think
JoAnna Wendel
Your good boy likes the way you smell, not the way you look.
The Sun
NASA explains solar cycle 25
JoAnna Wendel
What does a solar cycle mean for Earth?
Black hole
Why is this massive black hole wobbling?
JoAnna Wendel
At the center of the Messier 87 galaxy, something weird is going on.
Test your Starship Knowledge with these 5 questions
JoAnna Wendel
Test your knowledge.
10 effects alcohol has on the brain
JoAnna Wendel
Think about these before you open that bottle.
Climate change is devastating one iconic East Coast bird species
JoAnna Wendel
Chicks are hatching earlier in the spring, when inclement weather can threaten their lives.
National Park
10 stunning images of Yosemite National Park
JoAnna Wendel
This year the park celebrates its 130th anniversary.