'Valorant' release date, trailer, and gameplay for Riot's intriguing FPS
Just Lunning
Play the hottest game on Twitch very soon
Game Guides
'Crucible' best characters list: How to pick based on your 'Overwatch' main
Tomas Franzese
Find out which Crucible character fits your playstyle.
First Impressions
‘Crucible’ preview: Amazon's best game yet still has room for improvement
Tomas Franzese
Crucible is a satisfying blend of Fortnite and Overwatch with lots to prove.
Time to Celebrate
'Overwatch' 2020 anniversary event skins, start time, end date, and more
Tomas Franzese
Every cosmetic and special game mode returns for the annual celebration, but these new skins are the best part.
Hero 32
'Overwatch' Echo release time: When will hero 32 leave PTR?
Tomas Franzese
The longest-ever gap between Overwatch heroes is nearly over.
'Overwatch' Hero 32: Echo release date, abilities, gameplay, role, and more
Danny Paez
Echo, Overwatch’s Hero 32 has been playable on the game’s Public Test Realm (PTR) since March 19 after Blizzard cryptically teased the robotic character a day beforehand. The latest addition to the team-based shooter’s roster was first revealed in a 2018 short and she’s finally received an official release for Blizzard’s live servers.
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12 best PS4 games to play in quarantine, from 'Red Dead 2' to 'Bloodborne'
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Hero 32
'Overwatch 2' release date nears as Blizzard reveals Echo is the last Hero
Tomas Franzese
'Overwatch' Game Director Jeff Kaplan has confirmed that Echo will be the last new Hero added to the game, but what does that tell us about development on the upcoming sequel, 'Overwatch 2'?
is this on?
'Overwatch 2' release date could solve a major Winston plot hole, theory says
Danny Paez
Could the sequel reveal a massive twist?
'Overwatch' Hero 32: Echo finally revealed after cryptic Mina Liao teasers
Tomas Franzese
Blizzard has confirmed that Echo will be the next hero coming to Overwatch.
Cavalry's here!
'Overwatch’ 2.84 update: Blizzard launches Archives 2020 a month early
Tomas Franzese
Everyone's favorite annual Overwatch event is back.
Game On
OWL, EVO and more esports leagues forced to pivot due to coronavirus
Eric Francisco
From EVO to the Call of Duty League, everyone is on alert.
'Overwatch 2' release date, characters, game modes, and more for the sequel
Eric Francisco and Just Lunning
New heroes! New maps! New modes!
Get in there!
'Overwatch' patch notes: Experimental Zarya buff is potentially game-breaking
Danny Paez
Zarya mains rise up!
Heroes Never Die
Messing with the Meta: How Overwatch pros are gearing up for Hero Pools
Eric Francisco
At the Overwatch League's 2020 opener, several pros reveal excitement and concern over the new Hero Pools system.
Cheers love
'Overwatch' PTR update 1.45: Hero Pools reshape the meta in an unprecedented way
Danny Paez
Hanzo mains might want to start brushing up on their Genji.
'Overwatch' PTR patch 1.44 nerfs one of the game's strongest support heroes
Danny Paez
One ability got seriously hit.
'Overwatch' Winter Wonderland 2019' start time and leaked skins (full list)
Danny Paez
Christmas came early.
'Overwatch' PTR patch 1.43 nerfs widely used shield tank strategy
Danny Paez
Shield tank mains, beware.
'Overwatch 2' release date: Blizzard's sequel can't demand a premium price
Danny Paez
Anything close to $60 would be nothing short of a blatant cash grab.